Monday, 8 November 2010


Well, I don't want to write off the new WW Propoints system until I've given it a few weeks but so far I am not feeling the love. Firstly, I used to be on 22 points but am now on 29 (a day). This is the minimum number of points so those people who were on 16 points are also on 29. But most things seem to be roughly double points - for example, my favourite Crussh soup which is a very innocent ginger chicken miso was 3 points and is now 6! It only has clear miso, veg, chicken and some wholewheat noodles. Consequently I feel like I get fewer points a day and I'm hungry. Yes, fruit is now free but I don't want to go too mad on this as I'm very unconvinced that industrial quantities of fruit are going to do me any good at all. As it is, today I've had:
  • handful of blueberries (in my porridge)
  • 2 apples
  • 3 satsumas
  • 600g of watermelon

And today is not yet over - I'm either going to bake an apple (but would have to count the raisins and tsp of honey to stuff it with as 3 points and I only have 2 left) or have a pear. Technically I could do both. That's a lot of sugar - okay, fructose but sugar is sugar, no matter what. As I say, I am suspicious of this but I'll go with it for the time being. Whilst trying not to fill up on fruit.

My low fat cheddar and sweetcorn scones have gone up from 3.5points to 6 points. Shame as I made a batch yesterday! I had one with roasted butternut squash soup and a parma ham crisp. All very yummy.

The weekend - very nice but overly full of shortbread. For which of course I had to starve to come in on points (not in a ballet sense although that would be interesting)! And watch bf and his friend drink red wine - I really wanted a glass but I'd had that shortbread. We did a long blustery walk and saw some great fireworks - and the autumn colours were so beautiful, I was sad to come back to London. Next weekend I'm working so no Suffolk for me. Bf is trying to think of nice things we can do/eat to cheer me up. Sweet of him. Eating things to cheer myself up is a rocky road to go down though. And sadly that is not a road studded with chocolate chips and marshmallows - although it could easily be!


Call me Ishmael said...

I give you huge points for having the patience and will to sort through the WW's stuff to begin with! Never have I been able to absorb it. Those scones, by the way, sound delicious. Good luck staying "on point" this week as you pas de deux with fruit.

Seren said...

Shortbread or red wine...something of a dilema!

It will take a while for the "good" choices on Pro Points to become intuitive I suppose, I seemed to manage ok yesterday but we'll see how it goes. As a rule of thumb, I think I read somewhere on the boards that you should regard fruit as "zero" rather than "free" (nitpicking??) so I think your approach to limit it is quite right. 4-5 portions a day is probably enough. Although, now we are entering satsuma season, all bets are off on that score for me!

Good luck for the rest of the week.


Becca said...

Wow, those changes really don't sound like much fun. Good discipline with the wine!

Linz M said...

I am also struggling with this - I have gone from 26 points to 40, which seems ridiculous. I am also annoyed that all of my carefully pointed additions to my tracker are now invalid and I am basically starting from scratch.

Oh well, I have my meeting tonight. My WI will be hideous, but I am hopeful that my leader can enthuse me about this new plan.