Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wedding waffles

Aw, you GUYS! You RAWK! As I would absolutely never say in real life! Thank you all so much for your best wishes. I’m particularly loving Isabella’s suggestion that the weight will automatically start falling off now (that IS what you meant, right?!) and I’m hoping that my long-cherished dream of having to eat just to maintain my figure (NOT the one I have now, I hasten to add) and keep myself from vanishing into the ether will now come to fruition! In case that doesn’t work out, I’m on Plan B which is my usual – eat little, as healthily and low cal as poss and get as much exercise as possible. And the vital stuff too - such as keeping my fingers crossed, performing obeisance to the Scales of Doom and making plea-bargains with any deities who may or may not be listening – that kind of thing.

So, Naughty R’s wedding. Well, she looked amazing. Quite 1950s I think. The moment when I turned and saw her coming up the aisle gave me a massive lump in my throat and the strong inclination to cry – which I had to dispel firmly as I didn’t have waterproof mascara on. She had a very full on dress, strapless with a loooong train and a bow that tied at the back and a long filmy veil. The weather was awful but she looked calm and radiant – until she gave me a very Naughty R wink as she went past! My other favourite bit was when the electronic violin player struck up some sort of Irish jig at the reception and the strong Irish contingent roared approval – and one man was shoved up to do impromptu proper Riverdance style dancing. The sun came out for the reception and we lined the drive to The Naughties-Senior’s house to throw white rose petals over Naughty R and her very handsome Mr Naughty, clutching glasses of fizz to ourselves. Bf and I (and love Debbie’s idea that I have to change his name – was thinking F, as in fiancé (and also F*cker for when I’m annoyed with him – perfect!)) felt a bit loved up as we were thinking about when it would be us. I managed in heels until ooh, about an hour or two into the reception and only then because the last hour was spent sitting down. Shoes are clearly going to be an issue for my own wedding day...

To top off the weekend, we went to visit our little tin hut (static caravan) to take possession. It needs some intense de-OAPing but it’s going to be wonderful. Our first weekend there is this weekend and we can’t wait!

Thanks for the encouragement about my monthly loss of 4lbs too. Milly was asking how long it would take for me to get to goal – er IF I were able to keep it up, 15 months I reckon. Now, I have plenty of time but that does seem a slog – and I think I might need a long, long time to get a dress. Firstly because I look unimaginably awful in most dresses (if not, indeed all dresses) – although I’m hoping that as I get smaller, my choice of dress might get larger. And secondly, because I really want to hire something fabulous rather than buy something (probably less fabulous) that will be the single greatest cost-per-wear item in my wardrobe. By far.


Isabella said...

"Automatically" might not be quite the right word - lets just say nothing focuses you like a deadline. The muffins in the cafe where you get your skinny latte won't call your name so loudly and eventually will stop calling your name at all, the occassional chocolate will be passed over, suddenly the idea of riding your bike to work will become viable.

As for the dress, I recommend trying on as many as possible. I also found Trinny and Suzannah's advice from their Body Shape bible true - its not what size you are that matters, your shape doesn't change that much with your weight.

Aside from that, trying on wedding dresses is so much fun - be sure to wear make-up and do your hair so you can get the full effect when you look in the mirror.

Lesley said...

It's all so exciting!! Wedding dress shopping/hiring. Flowers, venues, music, presents, honeymoon, hen night, so much stuff to have fun with!!

And I'm crossing fingers that the bridalrexia will kick in - sounds brilliant!!

Lesley x

Nona said...

You make me laugh!!! Glad the wedding was Fab and made you think about your own special day. I love your infectious excitement. I think you should have the most beautiful dress on earth and range of choice will definitely go up as your size comes down.