Thursday, 24 June 2010

SoD bothering

Well. My love-hate relationship with Scales of Doom continue. I hate it, it loves to hate me. Previously on Peridot (to be said like the intro to each episode of 24). Week 1 – lose ½ lb, week 2 - lose ½ lb, week 3 – lose 4lbs (yay!) ......and..... week 4 – put the whole sodding lot back on. Yes, UP 5lbs. Now, I had accepted that I might show a modest gain this week, what with being dehydrated last week and a few slips since then (although, frankly, they were just nibbles and slips – no dramatic binges) but THIS IS BEYOND THE PALE. It’s beyond a whole dairyful of pails actually. The rest of the world is probably entirely denuded of pails after this.

I don’t think I need to say how utterly, utterly depressing this is. Last week I was within a sniff of a stone bracket down; this week I’m back up in the middle of the higher stone bracket. I was even thinking how once I slip down into that lower stone bracket, I would only be just over a stone off (ha!) the point where I don't feel wretched and blubbery. I try not to over-dramatise but found a tattoo of panic beating in my head on my walk in (note: WALK IN, SoD) – I’m going to be a fat bride, I’m going to be a fat bride (repeat, ad lib to fade). True, it’s over 2 years away but I am going no-where fast. I could cry, I could dissolve into a pool of panic and misery which would require bolstering with sugar and sympathy. Instead, dear Reader, I will try and quell my panic and just. Keep. On. (Sodding). Going. And hope for better next week. Please let it be better next week.

This weekend is going to be a bit mixed in terms of getting me further towards or away from my goal. My mother and the Lab pack are coming up to the tin hut for the weekend. We’re having fish and chips on Friday night (mercifully small portions - it's a v posh chippy), Saturday will all be healthy and Sunday we’ll probably do tea in lieu of lunch (and quite possibly dinner) in a dear little tearoom – which means carb city central of course. So I’ll have F&Cs, wine and tea to atone for. On the other hand, we’ll be walking on both Saturday and Sunday and I will be trying to cut cals everywhere else to make up for it – I should at at least manage a super virtuous week next week. If anyone ever finds out how to have your cake, eat it and not register the cals, do please let me know.

And I’m still not back to cycling because of the whole imperilled life thing. In fact, I got a slightly snotty response to my email to the council on this. They said that there was a diversion sign in place and probably “cyclists” were ignoring it. I replied that there was one lack-lustre sign which appeared to be pointing towards a busy road (picture yourself cycling the wrong way on the hard shoulder of the M1 and you won’t go far wrong) and that couldn't be the case. I wondered whether there was some sort of safe but secret path that opened up if you went in the direction of the arrow but that it was only accessible by magic means, much like Brigadoon. I have yet to hear a response to this.

And finally - please let it be better next week.


Seren said...

Oh dear. At least you are still confronting the SoD - I am currently ignoring mine in the hope that they will go away and darken some other bathroom. Will have my fingers crossed for you for next week. If you haven't eaten enough to account for five pounds of fat (and that would be some serious kickass bingeing) then there are other factors at play here.

I know how annoying it is when people say this - but the number on the scale really isn't the be all and end all. Which I obviously believe because I am choosing not to look at mine.

Oh, and reading that back I've realised that I can in no way, shape or form carry off the word kickass. Sigh.


PS Thanks for your comment! Am still so new to blogging that get a little glow when one arrives.

Linz M said...

I think the scales may be lying to you, mine certainly are. I can't believe you have put on 5lbs in a week - not of fat anyway, you'd have to have eaten lard for every meal.

Have a fab weekend and enjoy, I am sure the walking will negate any miniscule portions of fish and chips... I am drooling at the thought.


Seren said...

Re trying WW...I get the impression from your blog that you eat pretty well so I don't think WW would teach you anything in that respect. I've stopped going to the meetings because I do get fed up with the evangelical aspect of it, and the emphasis on branded products - eating well does not include eating over processed WW foodstuffs as far as I'm concerned. But for me personally, I need to count something (be it points or calories) or else I kid myself. Why not try just totting up a couple of days worth of average consumption to get an idea of where you are? I'm happy to help out with the pointing if you like.