Friday, 11 June 2010

The wrath of SoD

That little SoD hates me. Today it announced that I had put on between 0.5 – 1lb, depending on how many times I leapt on and off it. So Debbie may have urged me to enjoy the bubbles (I did, Debbie, I did!) but SoD was determined to make me pay. This is in a week with 3 shorter walks in fit-flops, a long walk and 2 or 3 weights sessions. And pretty sensible eating too – I can’t remember the last time I went a bit mad and had a sugar frenzy. Yes, there were a couple of treats in there but I subbed out other food to compensate and largely lived off salad for the rest of the time. I deserve more (that’s more poundage off, not more sugar although that would be nice!)

Well it all makes me pretty nervous about my friend, her husband and my god-daughter coming over to our tin hut for fizz and cupcakes tomorrow afternoon. I’m planning frugal eating for the rest of the weekend to compensate - and a longish walk tomorrow - but this week’s experience seems to hint that that is not enough to diminish me (in size anyway)

One of the bridal mags I bought had pics of plus size brides in. They looked as if they were acting that they were happy. Which of course they were; they’re models! But it’s not something I want to have to do. When I put my dress on, I want to hold my head up and feel fantastic (even with my skinny-minnie bridesmaids!), not self-conscious, regretful and apologetic. I don’t want to have to make choices based on camouflage (tricky as a bride I imagine anyway), nor for the photos to send me into a frenzy of self-loathing.

Thanks for the virtual card wishes! It's odd, I don't think enagagement cards are a modern penomena somehow. We got one from a good friend's mum but not from him. I may be guilty of over-carding, I think!

On the bright side, I managed to wear my cream lingerie set yesterday for a whole day. Yes, I had welts on the sides of my breasts when I took my bra off but about 4-6 weeks ago, I could only keep it on for 4 hours because it was so painful. I count that as progress.

Next week also could be a tricky week for exercise. I’m out Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the moment (very unusual for me) so that means only cycling on Tuesday (weather permitting). I can walk in in my fit-flops when it’s not raining on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – although fitting in the time to do that AND do weights is tricky so I might do two days walk and two days weights.

Actually cycling is pretty dismal at the moment because they're ripping up the cycle paths to paint them blue - forcing cyclists onto a very narrow one way street. It's incredibly dangerous, cars get angry and irritable even if you're going the right way down it, because they can't get past (v narrow) and there appears to be nothing else to do but risk oncoming traffic if you want to go the other way - or ride on the pavement slowly (and apologetically) and accept that pedestrians will be pissed off. Still, it'll be worth it when they're all blue. Unless I'm, you know, squished or dead. I'm sure it will make an incredible difference to my cycle though. It'll be, er, bluer and ......

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Nona said...

Aww!!! Sorry you didn't have a good result. I think sometimes our bodies use every excuse to hold on to weight. You have to keep holding on the the picture of you as a beautiful slim bride for motivation.