Friday, 18 June 2010

SoD moves in mysterious ways

I plead the fact that it was early, but when SoD first showed me that I’d LOST 4lbs this morning, I immediately assumed I’d actually put on weight (I look at the big lines (stones and half stones) and where the dial falls relative to those. Then I wandered around perplexed – what had I done differently? Was there a pattern? I remembered that last month I’d lost or gained dribs and drabs for 3 weeks and then had a more respectable loss for 1 week. Was it that? Then I remembered that I’d pretty much had my bottom soldered on to a loo for 2 days. Ah, I thought, that’ll do it I guess. Frankly, it was a better result and more pleasant than doing Lighter Life, but not possible (or desirable) to replicate every week. And the pleasure was marred by memories of my mother warning me that although it might seem that I’d lost weight, it would actually be dehydration and would come back. My next SoD encounter will be fraught with anxiety as I mentally keep my fingers crossed that I manage to hold on to that loss...

I managed to do quite a bit of walking since last WI (despite illness) and weights twice too (justification for loss, frantic justification). I haven’t cycled – partly because of illness but also because the cavalier destruction of the cycle paths and cheerful redirection of cyclists into peril and possible death has also put me off rather. Call me a coward if you must. There will be no cycling next week either because of various evening commitments, though I should be able to get some walks into work in in my fitflops. Milly asked me if I’ve seen any benefit from them btw. Unfortunately I can only say it’s the equivalent to painting the Forth Bridge with an eyeliner brush - so I don’t think the fact that my arse is still lardtastic rather than peachy and perky is necessarily an indictment of the efficacy of Fitflops.

I’ve also gone cold turkey on the nut butter – I noticed that I was having 2 hefty tsp in the morning to tide me over until I got to work to have breakfast, another in my porridge and then probably at least as much again in the afternoon on an apple. Beth reckons this could be 400cals! Eeek! My fears were justified. I’m trying a summer breakfast of homemade low cal granola, 0% fat Greek yoghurt and fruit so no nut butter required!

I’m actually going to have a good hard look at my diet and work out the best way forward to try and lose at least two stone by this time next year (have given up on looking decent for my birthday party this year). At an average loss of 0.5lbs, it will actually take me a year and 2 months to lose that weight. And I know that my birthday and Christmas at least will cause my weight to go up instead of down and set me back. Depressing, isn’t it? If I can manage 4lbs a month though (a tall order for my flatlining ‘metabolism’), by this time next year I could be shopping for a size 12 wedding dress. Actually I can’t even imagine that. I’ve not been that size since I was 16. Even with sylp and sylphier as bridesmaids, I’d be very happy to be a small size 14. I think. I guess I won’t really know until I start trying dresses on though – what I can get away with to look okay.

This weekend we thought we might sleep in a bed in our tin hut, you know, just for a change. I for one am going down by train (my boss wouldn’t allow me to have so much as an hour off today) so I definitely won’t be sleeping in Morrisons petrol station. But am relying on BNF to collect me (and not be drawn irrestibly and irrevocably to any dispensers of fuel) or I will instead be sleeping in a station which doesn’t sound any more appealing. Or warm.

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Nona said...

Glad you got a good result my sweet!!! Nut butter is very nutritious but deadly. I tried Almond nut butter earlier this year for the first time and before I knew it, had finished the jar and bought another. Had to go cold turkey after that.

To answer your question over at 55kgs. I started on step 1 = complete meal replacement then moved on to step 2 = which incorporates meals but still restricts the fat and caloric intake, e.g. for dinner last night, I had about 4 oz of tofu, 1/2 cup spinach and some asparagus with a little teriyaki (spelling?) sauce.