Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I am ridiculously childish at the moment – I run to our postbox (we’re in flats so don’t have a letterbox) to see if there are any more engagement cards. We’ve got a few which are proudly displayed (thanks, R!) and I’m avoiding telling BNF that I might well want to keep them all for posterity. Actually, we've only got a few (am slightly embarrassed admitting this!) so my wedding book which suggests that you could only invite those that send you an engagement card, to keep numbers down, is being overly zealous!

Weekend was lovely but I drank too much – this is fairly unusual to be honest. I shared a bottle of champagne with BNF no fewer than three times (three different days I hasten to add) and then on one day I also had a half bottle of wine too. Sigh. Usually I have one glass – or two if I’m going mad. It’s a calorie thing, rather than natural abstemiousness. Other than that, I continue to be remarkably disciplined about mainlining sugar. And that’s with some very bad and upsetting news. I hope SoD recognises my effort but I’m not holding my breath. Since our last encounter (aka WI) I have walked twice in fit flops (only a couple of miles each time admittedly), done a proper walk of 10.7 miles, done a weights circuit and cycled to and from work once (although prospects for doing so again look to be very limited without a snorkel). For the love of SoD, is that not enough?

Watch this space....


Badger said...

If I knew your address, I'd send you a card. That might be a bit stalkerish mind you, seeing as we'd never met! xx

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Ah, Peridot, enjoy your bubbles with BNF...a very special time. You must be getting your sugar-fix from the wine/champagne (sedation is faster with alcohol than sugar anyway!).

Funny that you mentioned harp music in your comment to me today...I have harp music, too. Before I moved to Russia, I specifically sought it out at the library, and then copied the CD's in my computer.

It's lovely...sort of reminds me of a spa.

PS I'm with Badger - I'd send you a card, too, if I could.

Nona said...

I agree with Badger. I'd send you a card too if that wouldn't make we seem like a stalker. LOL!!!