Friday, 28 May 2010


That, dear Reader, is the noise of a cat escaping from a bag.

I have news; glad tidings, in fact. I am affianced, betrothed, intended.

This startling turn of affairs occurred at the weekend in Devon but I had a couple of friends who read my blog that I had to tell in person. That is now done – just one of my best friends to tell (scheduled for Thursday).

In a fit of Victoriana, I almost fainted when bf asked me to marry him. I went so white, he held on to me as he thought I was going to pass out! I then (romantically) sputtered:


Then after 15 mins, I made him propose all over again, just to be sure. He did say he'd text it to me so I could check it as I wished - but nothing so far.

I spent the weekend stupefied, stunned, shocked. He had (wisely) not chosen a ring but the very first jewellers we visited on Wednesday (a funny little place that clearly still thinks it’s the 1920s) had – not what I’d thought of , but nonetheless the perfect ring for us. (Except for the price maybe! Bf nobly didn’t wince and indeed pressed me to have it over a much cheaper one that I also liked (not as much admittedly) and would have been quite happy with.) It is an antique Art Deco ring with a square sapphire of quite incredible blue, surrounded by extremely sparkly diamonds. And I didn’t think I cared for diamonds particularly! I care for these, very much!

I had stopped imagining this day, it hurt too much to think it would never come. But when I did, I imagined that I would feel more secure but not that it would make me feel so loved-up, so determined to cherish what we have and indeed cherish him. I will be an Aged Bride as we think it will be October/November 2012 when we actually marry but I will manage this (and not with Botox. Although....)

I know you will understand, dear Reader, that I am glad that he didn’t propose at my slimmest (although not glad that I have to get to that weight and indeed get slimmer than slimmest) as I would have linked those two things inextricably and used it as a stick to beat myself. Now, I have to – at my geriatric snail’s pace – get to a size 12-14 I think to be happy in a wedding dress. And I have to get there by next year and keep it there for the following year. Just as well SoD granted me a 2lb loss this week (call it an engagement present!) 3lbs if you count it from Monday when I’d put on a lb after the weekend. It’s very confusing. Still, I think it’s a grand total of 4lbs this month which is distinctly not stellar. I’m going to need this long engagement just to get into a dress without looking like the flipping marquee.

But this weekend is about Naughty R’s wedding. In traditional female wedding guest fashion I have:
· Outfit that feels slightly too tight
· Shoes that are too high for comfort (or, er, walking or standing)
· Something borrowed (thanks Beth!)

And my shiny new (to me) engagement ring to admire in the sunshine (hoping for sunshine! And not just for me I hasten to add)

My jacket has cap sleeves. WHO ever thought that cap sleeves would flatter anyone? Except Michelle Obama – and look how much media coverage she got simply out of being able to look good in cap sleeves. The jacket also has a peplum thing though which is good. I would say that hopefully people will look at my arse not my bingo wings except I don’t hope that at all. I’m sure all eyes will be on the bride and I’ll be able to sneak my bingo wings past all scrutiny, largely (ho ho) un-noticed.

Got to dash, mwah, mwah.


Badger said...

Oooooh congratualations :)

So excited.

After my little sister's wedding last weekend, I too wonder if it will ever happen and I hope I will be as excited and happy as you when it does :)

Call Me Ishmael said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Picture of the ring, please, when you can. Very exciting news Peridot. Yay!

By the way, I think 4 lbs in a month IS stellar. My go-to-goal (which I have missed for months and months and months) is anywhere from 4 to 5 lbs every 30 (or 31) days. My nutrionist said it's a very realistic and achievable number to focus on.

I'm going to be humming the wedding march all day now.

Alice said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news!
And it sounds like your weight loss is going really well - slow and steady wins the race.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

How wonderful for you!!! Congratulations on your engagement and have fun at Naughty R's wedding.

Will you change bf's name on your blog, since he is now your fiance? Maybe fh? (Future husband)

xx Debbie

Curlygirl said...

Yeay! We demand pictures of sparkly things. Hope the wedding was wonderful.

He is a lucky man.


Linz M said...

Huge congratulations!

Congrats on the weight loss too. I think 4lbs this month is fairly stellar! That's the grand total I've managed this year :)


Isabella said...


I think you can calm yourself about your weightloss - the bridalrexia will soon set in. When I got married I was at my lowest weight in 17 years.

Claire said...

How fabulous! Congratulations! xxx

Milly said...

Congratulations, what fabulous news!

I also think 4lbs a mth is great, if that continues every mth will you be where you want to be by your wedding? I try not to set my sights too high as I just get upset when it doesn't happen (I too am a slow loser)Keep u the good work & enjoy Naughty R's wedding as an engaged to be married lady.
Milly x

Lesley said...

Fantastic news - am soooo happy for you and bf too!! Tears in the old eyes here as i read just before dashing off to work with a massive smile on my face!!


Lesley xxxxxxxxx

Nona said...

Congratulations my sweet!!! Very very happy for you. The ring sounds DIVINE!!! The man has definitely done well for himself by proposing now as opposed to when you are slim and you now have plenty time to achieve your weight loss by your wedding date. A double win. :)

Shauna said...

Congratulations you lovely lass you! And art deco ring! I knew you would have such wonderful classy taste in jewellery :)

Sarah said...

Ooh I know I am almost a month late but congratulations!! That's fab news!!

I've spent the last week reading up to date from 2007 so i thought I'd better comment as I went along otherwise I'd forget!

(I did LL in 2007 and I'm trying to get back fit again so I did a google search to find some vlcd blogs to keep me motivated!)