Tuesday, 4 May 2010

In Between Days

Think I've used this title before but, you know, I LOVE The Cure. And (see below) it's appropriate.

I probably gave Beth some visual torment yesterday that therapy won’t necessarily be able to dispel. I’d put my smaller jeans on to walk up the Thames path - and then chickened out and put my usual ones on. I dragged Beth in to the loos at Pizza Express (please note: I had a salad, and only ate one bread stick) to reveal the horrors lurking under my top – not to torture her, you understand, but to try and ascertain whether my jeans were too big. I knew that they were chafing round my waist where they were too loose and I moved but the jeans didn’t. I knew that I could almost pull them off without undoing the button and I knew that the legs flapped about a bit, but were they too big? “They’re way too big for you.” said Beth, womanfully coping with an eyeful of Peridot podge and keeping her lunch down. I suppose I know that, but the next size down just seems a bit tight. I suspect I am in the middle of the two sizes. Ah well, I’ll have to wear them a bit tight which will be a useful reminder not to eat anything whilst wearing them. Or, you know, breathe.

Yesterday I had to be up early anyway because I was on call (which requires actual action sadly, not just sitting about ready to spring into action) over a lot of the BH weekend (from bright and early Saturday to Sunday morning – thus spoiling 2 days of the 3). So as soon as I finished work and clocked off, I pulled on my leggings and trainers (and other necessary garments) and went for Week 2, Run 1. It’s upped to 90 secs run, 2 mins walk for 20 mins plus a 5 min warm up and another 5 mins to cool down. 90 secs doesn’t sound much does it? Well, it is. I’m struggling already, and I fear for Week 3 (and won’t let myself think beyond that – eeek). Although, weirdly, 2 mins feels too long too (at walking speed I hasten to add). Then I walked for 8 miles (according to trusty pedometer) over the course of the day in my MBTs. My walk on Saturday was a tad over 7 miles, so a good effort over the weekend I thought.

I have cycled today so I have continued with my sweaty path of virtue. Tomorrow I have an early run and then a personal training/kickbox session. I’m hoping to cycle on Thursday and run on Friday. And maybe a walk on Sunday. Long may this exemplary behaviour continue! And may Scales of Doom acknowledge my efforts on Friday.


Lesley said...

Come on Scales of Dooooom!! Do the right thing....

Re the jeans, if you wear them,they will loosen up a bit and they will be more flattering too!

Lesley xx

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hi Peridot, Your progress with C25K sounds impressive...do you listen to music when you are working out? In Between Days is probably a good song to run with!

Sounds like the Scales of Doom are cooperating-yay! Maybe you will re-name them one of these days.

Pants you can get on and off without un-doing them? They may be more than one size too big - but great that they are!

Peridot said...

Lesley - Hope SoD respond to your football chant!

Debbie - actually I think they'd get stuck round my hips (and I use the word 'round' advisedly!) but I can pull them a way down. Definitely not more than a size too big though as the next size down feels rather too snug. The podcasts have their own music - not to my taste but the easiest way to work out when to run and when to walk.