Sunday, 2 May 2010

The week that was

So, on Friday Scales of Doom told me I'd lost 3lbs in the last fortnight. It's what I think is generally referred to as a 'small mercy'; I had hoped for my body to suddenly realise 'whoops, drastic food intake change, lots of exercise, had better jettison ballast immediately' and my Dorset intake would be wiped clean. I still have 2lbs to go until I reach that weight and - I suspect - about a stone to be sure I'll fit into the outfit I have planned for Naughty R's wedding (did I mention that's in four week's time?). But then again, I battle to persuade my recalcitrant body to part with so much as an ounce of podge so - given the weekend away too - it was not too bad.

I thought about all this whilst running round the dock at 6.15am (along with snorting with derision when podcast-guy says 'you should be feeling the effects now' (yes) 'but shouldn't be too tired or out of breath to hold a conversation' (er, no, even the snort was an effort)). I have come to the conclusion that I can't do much more than I am doing so I just have to carry on doing that and hope for the best (and possibly formulate a Plan B). I'm still not feeling the running love but the dock did look lovely as I puffed past 7 swans-a-swimming (as well as 3 ducks (a-flying) and 1 cormorant (a-diving) but I don't remember them from the carol). Week 1 of Coach Potato to 5k is now complete and week 2 starts tomorrow. I've tried not to read ahead so I won't freak out at the concept of running non-stop for 5 mins or something similarly gargantuan. Eeeek.

Still on my Big Gold Star plan, I also heaved my MBTs to work so I could walk up to meet friends in the evening in them (probably only a couple of miles - but it all counts, no?). Yesterday I walked just over 7 miles around bluebell woods with mother and Lab Pack, bf and bf's friend and tomorrow I plan to walk at least 6 miles in MBTs (and run).

Next week my goals are to run three times, attend a personal training session that Beth scored for me and cycle at least twice, weather permitting (she says peering out of the window at a sheet of rain). Last week I cycled twice, ran three times and walked twice (I think). I'm still doing pretty well on the food front too so I am pleased with my progress even without any dramatic weight loss or inch loss.

Didn't stop me feeling particularly dumpy and frumpy on Friday though - made worse by the fact I'd made an effort with my appearance which really did not pay off. Ah well, I'll try and use it as motivation to continue with the discipline. And my mother also said she thought my thighs looked thinner and that's nice (2 of those compliments in a week). I suspect the bagginess of my jeans for creating an illusion but the fact of the matter is that they've got baggier for a reason.

Three things to feel grateful for last week:
1. Buying a static caravan on the Suffolk coast (hopefully) - hurrah for seaside and countryside most weekends.
2. I really kicked up the exercise to - I think - the maximum (and I mean that literally, not as a glib turn of phrase) so big pat on the back for me.
3. Had some nice emails from friends. I have said this before but I am really blessed with an amazing set of friends - lucky me.
4. Bonus one was the beauty of the woods yesterday - the new acid green leaves of the beech trees against the emerging purple-blue haze of bluebells in the dappled sunlight, bliss.


Lesley said...

You're doing brilliantly chuck!! So much exercise - it must work.

Thanks for your commiserations on the footie. Yeah - despite the fact that League One is full of southern teams so away games will be harder, there is a good chance that we'll win a fair few more matches so that'll be good!

Anyway, massive session out after the game which was brilliant fun, far too much booze and a curry but haven't had a proper night out for a while so it was great.

Lesley x

Milly said...

Well done Peridot, I have just started a walking program & I am really having to push myself, I look forward to getting out & feel great when I get home, it's just the hour+ slog inbetween that I am struggling with! I wasn't seeing any results in my shape or on the scales until now, I suddenly feel slimmer & less bloated so I hope it is working (that & following weight watchers too)So keep the good work. Milly.