Thursday, 29 April 2010

And the moral of the story is...

Gold star for me. I got home and did Wk 1, Run 2 last night. In a way, it’s easier to run in the morning first thing, before my brain wakes up to what I’m actually doing – by which time it’s too late. I was fully conscious yesterday evening and not exactly raring to go. And I had another excuse – I got home to find that bf had helpfully stuck a wash in the machine which I assumed contained my sports bra since I pulled the flat apart to find it and couldn’t (“Great big white thing? Hideously ugly?” I interrogated the bf, to his complete incomprehension). It would have been SO easy to use the absence of suitable bosom containment to not go. But, I reasoned, it’s not as if I had much pertness to endanger, so I just pulled on an underwired t-shirt bra and set off.

In the mornings the park isn’t open, but it’s open until 8pm at the moment so I ran there. It’s a small park so I had to run past a snickering couple - girl on boyfriend’s lap - three times. How she had the gall to laugh, I don’t know – she had a huge white fake daisy pinned over her ear that made it look like she had a one-eared earmuff on.

It was in the washing machine btw.

Today I have cycled in. I am pretty sure I am due a soaking on the way home which I’m not looking forward to. But on the upside, I feared that W1, R3 would be rainy at 6am tomorrow, but it looks like the rain should have cleared up by then. Cycling in the rain is bad enough, but running? Ugh. And all this whilst mid-period (another excuse I could use to stop doing any form of exercise).

I will WI tomorrow. It’s been c10 days since I did that last. It represents 7 days of great virtue and 3 days of, er, not. I could really do with seeing some movement on Scales of Doom to perk me up and get me motivated since I’m not seeing benefits in my clothes. The jeans that were a size smaller that I put on last week and fit, last night were about 1” away from doing up and a skirt I bought on ebay (an M&S 16 for goodness sake) is far too small. I have jeans on today and feel more than usually dumpy. This is depressing stuff and I’d like a pick-me-up to help me feel cheerful and motivated – I’m not going to stop, either way, but it just makes my life easier.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: always have a spare sports bra (especially when you have a big hole near the fastening of your only one which makes doing it perilous each time you put it on to know whether it will hold. I know, I know but spending the best part of £30 on such an ugly thing is not a joyous thing. Twice. Still, I’d get a hell of a lot of material for my £60)


Lesley said...

And you're doing it!! A tip for those "can't find the sports bra" days - wear 2 normal bras! I find that okay - not great but better than a normal bra!!

Lesley xx

Milly said...

Keep going with the running, I seem to remember from my past that whilst bulding up it doesn't ever seem to get easier but once you have built up it does. I actually find an evening run easier, mornings are so not me! You are doing good, you seem to think as much as I do which my friends tell me is rare.

As for the boat of a few posts ago, I grew up boating for weekends & holidays until my dad died when I was 16 & I would so love to do it again, no caravan or cottage can beat that feeling of moving forwards on a boat & if you need exercise too, just moor a few miles from the nearest pub! It is definately not the most glamorous lifestyle though, we didn't even have running water(had to pump it) let alone hot. Anyways, keep up your good work, I enjoy your blog & think you write really well. Milly x

Badger said...

I only have one sports bra, which means I usually end up wearing it wet or dirty...ewww. I loath the fact I'll have to spend 30 pounds to buy a spare one, which is why I've put off doing it.

Persevere with the running. I don't love it by a long shot, but I love the feeling aftewards and the methodical plodding along with my ipod blaring. You will improve fast and things get easier with every run.