Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ooooh, shaky, shaky

Cycling home on Thursday night I started to feel very shaky. I’ve learnt to always have dextrose tablets with me, so I popped 2 which got me home – just. It was a struggle getting home though and I guess I have to accept that I need to build the cycling up a bit and pace myself rather than over-doing it in a fit of enthusiasm. So I didn’t cycle in on Friday (despite gorgeous weather) and I confess it was nice to have my hair looking decent for a change, not just bunged back in a ponytail.

I probably should have walked the last c3 miles in to work that day but I am SO tired. I just couldn’t get out of bed on Friday and had to dash about to get to work on time. I’m especially not good at dashing first thing in the morning.

I still squeezed in a visit to the oracle, SoD, on Friday who told me I'd lost 2lbs - not quite the carb jettisoning I'd hoped for, but a start I guess. I feel focussed and determined (and, er, fat) so I am ploughing on with steely determination. My problem will come if I don’t see results this week – at the moment I’m flying along but I am easily tripped up and cast down (face down in the mud actually)

So, I cycled twice last week (at 17 miles a day) and walked once (probably only 3 miles). And on Saturday I did a walk of almost 10.5 miles in Suffolk (v flat it has to be said) which, although I could have walked for a bit longer, also had me almost dropping off into my curry that night. At which I did not choose what I wanted, but the least lardy choices (and no booze). On Sunday I reckon we walked another c5miles along the Thames Path (me in my MBTs). It was so lovely to make the most of the sunshine and great to feel that I've enjoyed my time and (hopefully) burnt some pesky calories too. I've chosen well with food - despite a treat of a Magnum yesterday which I regret (regret sadly doesn’t negate the calories) and which probably consumed all the calories I’d burnt on the walk.

I cycled today too though and am hoping to cycle three times this week and get some walking in at the weekend too.

I’m still battling hunger though – it’s really annoying. I want to keep the calories down, but my pesky body is still seeming to want more food than it should. I don’t quite know what to do to sort this out except try to last as long as possible before eating.

I’m even idly considering taking up running again. Anyone who has read this blog for any period of time (possibly just Lesley) will know that I built up running over a year from zero to 5k (never elimating the walking intervals though) and I HATED it. I didn’t enjoy it for its own sake and I didn’t find it made a difference to shedding the bulgy bits either. But Beth does all these 10k runs which actually sound.... fun. I’ve seen some organised runs in mags too which look like a lovely way to see some countryside. I have an ipod now so I could upload the podcasts which tell you when to run and when to walk and play music at you. I’m not sure, but I may give it another try....

Or maybe I’m just sleep deprived and raving.

Anyway, I’m reinstating the 3 things to feel grateful for but on a weekly basis (apparently that is the most effective time period). So, for last week:

1. Lovely weather – just makes everything so much more pleasant and hopeful
2. Two great walks, one urban, one rural. Burning calories whilst having fun – a winner!
3. Beth said my thighs looked slimmer – hurrah! (Okay it’s very relative but it was still lovely to hear that I’m going the right way). PS I was wearing jeans, not just idly flashing my thighs about willy-nilly (ugh)
4. A bonus one – currently feel I have the weight loss mojo back (Magnum aside). Long may that continue.


Lesley said...

You sound like you do for sure! Great news! 2lbs is 2lbs and not to be sniffed at. I've gained 2 over here and that's despite fighting every single step of the way!

Hope you give the running another go - it doesn't matter how slowly you shuffle as long as you see some results and maybe eventually come to enjoy it.

Well done sugar.

Lesley x

Call me Ishmael said...

Yay slimmer things, yay to long walks. Beat that SoD like it so richly deserves Peridot. What are dextrose tablets, by the way? Are they little pops of sugar to keep one from crashing?

I am also trying to convince myself to start running (again). Of course, I'd know I was serious about it if I actually went and bought a proper sports bra. Until I've got, it's just so much airy planning.