Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More dash than flash

In haste, I dash this off before I dash off to catch a train. I have already missed one train – to miss any more might expose me to comment on the platform. I love Oscar Wilde.... I’m at a sort of all day meeting tomorrow (always problematic on the food front) and off to Devon for the weekend (including that trip to Hugh Fearnley Wittingsall’s restaurant).

So, progress thus far this week. Food = pretty good, B+ (always room to do better). Exercise = B (not going to manage much on Thursday (work) or Friday (travelling) but cycled on Monday and Tuesday and did some weights in the gym this morning (not at all sure it was a worthwhile endeavour...)).

And teeny-tiny triumphs – wore chocolate lingerie set (the colour, not the ambrosial food substance 'cos that would be messy) yesterday and it did not cause me pain all day! Unlike my shoes now – ow – but not putting that down to podgy feet! Am a bit squeezed into summer skirt today (cue the clouds descending and it suddenly going grey and windy – and no, I have no jacket) but in one nonetheless. I am choosing to ignore a panic buying session to the shops at lunchtime when I could not get into either skirt I selected as a smarter choice for tomorrow than what I have packed. Yikes! I have a new boss to impress who is very old school and I suspect I am not smart enough. Ah well, nothing I can do now... Except worry....

So the weekend has some eating in store for me (ahem! maybe an overstatement but I will do my best, brownie's honour) but also a long walk on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it so much anyway. I will consult the ever censorious SoD before I go off on Friday – I’m owed a benign reading, I think you’ll agree.

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