Thursday, 28 April 2011

Establishing radio silence

Just to let you know that I won't be posting for a week - I've not fallen off the wagon (hopefully) or gone into a decline (ditto). I'll be in Devon until Tuesday and then at a funeral on Wednesday. I'll catch up with everyone on Thursday.

I'm hoping that Claire's theory that I lose most weight when I eat most is proven this weekend. Four days of blueberry pancakes for breakfast, sharing a bottle of champagne, a table d'hote of 3 courses plus canapes and possibly a cream tea will really put that theory to the test. Perhaps I'll come home a stone lighter! It would then be my solemn duty to become a human pac-(wo)man. It would be tough, but I think I could gobble for the good of my figure. Although pac-man was entirely round....

In reality, I'll be happy if I don't put on more than 1lb. To that end, I'll be maintaining constant vigilence whilst enjoying my weekend away. And if the weather co-operates, there will be coastal walking with some impressive gradients.

I'm not intending to watch the Royal Wedding but am looking forward to seeing pics of the dress, flowers etc in the press the next day. Although not so much that I'd buy the Mail, obviously. I'm hoping she doesn't use my proposed colour scheme though or I'll have to jettison it - I already get comments about the similarity of our engagement rings (mine is MUCH nicer, for the record) - I don't want people thinking I'm slavishly trying to copy Miss M. I'd take her budget and shiny hair but the rest, meh. Prefer my venue, groom, guest list, honeymoon etc


Seren said...

Have a wonderful time in Devon!

And tq for your kind words - no decisions made re dress yet but I'm sure all will work out - tho agree that Kate's budget would be a help - am fairly sure that enough subtle designer ruching could cover a multitude of sins (or, in my case, bottles of cider).


Lesley said...

Well, my weekend of cider and meals out is drawing to an end and I'm looking forward to going back to simpler fayre. But it's been lovely!

Hope yours is just as good.

I read your last few posts but haven't had much opportunity to comment. You know I know where you're coming from on the bf front in respect of his attitude to your weight. I know it's not as simple as some would have it but I also know that you need reassurance that, despite his sometime frustration with your weight and dieting (honestly - men - don't they see the hypocrisy??!) he loves you and wouldn't be without you. You need to feel special, we all do.

So, make sure that there is enough reassurance and special stuff coming your way from bf. This is not unreasonable, express that need, or the non-acceptance of your weight issues will get worse and harder and harder for you to take.

I'm trying not to allow my issues with D (which were largely about my weight and his attitude to it) to colour my comment. Hope I managed it!?

I think you sound really positive overall in your blog so I really hope that your spat with bf was just that, a spat caused by the need for a holiday and your holiday resolves it all.

Lesley xxx