Sunday, 3 April 2011

TERRR- oh.

Not so much of a Cream Tea of Terror though, more of a polite, somewhat diffident 'boo'. I had a very small egg mayo roll and 3 fairy size bits of sarnie (1 smoked salmon and 2 ham and mustard) then the teeniest piece of Vicky sponge ever (no cream, just sponge and jam) and two ickle scones slightly smaller in circumference than a golf ball with a very modest pre-applied bit of cream and jam. Oh. I'd planned a grimly determined breakfast and supper around this - which I stuck to regardless - and didn't eat my calcium and fibre allowances as I thought they'd be a bit offset by the cream and bread/scone.

It was the sort of tea that assumes you've had a big lunch and will be going on to dinner in a few hours. I was a little disappointed really. But I should at least have a less scary encounter with SoD this week as a result. Right? RIGHT? (Are you listening SoD?)

In other food news - I made an amazing crab linguine on Saturday night. It had 'syns' but only a couple (she says nonchalently to try and cover that she can't remember what Claire told her...). Anyway, thought you might like the recipe:

For 2 people of reasonable appetite:
200g dried linguine (for some reason the fresh stuff is evil on SW. No idea why)
150g+ -ish cherry toms/baby plum toms
Red chilli (up to you for quantities)
200ml white wine
Leek or some spring onions (I had a leek knocking about but will probably use onion next time)
200-300g crab meat (I used brown and white)
handful rocket
a lemon

Fry (in spray oil folks) the leek (or onion) until softened a bit, quarter the tomatoes and chuck in pan with chilli. Then whack the pasta on, cook, drain. By then the tomato mix is sort of mulchy, pour in the wine and let it bubble for a few mins. Then turn down the heat, add the crab and zest and juice of half a lemon. Tip the pasta and rocket in and mix well. Serve with a lemon quarter each and a bit of basil. Yum.


Seren said...

It's irrationally annoying when you plan for a major blow out and it doesn't come to pass. But, as you say, hopefully the SoD will shower you with kindness as a result.

That linguine sounds AMAZING! Will have to give it a try very soon.


Lesley said...

Wil be trying you recipe as I love crab and it sounds nice and healthy...mmmmmm

Sorry not been chatty much....moving is a bitch. No internet or landline and mobile works only in tiny designated spots!!

Hope SoD cooperate. I have found the moving house diet quite effective!!

Lesley xx