Thursday, 5 May 2011

Two go mad in Devon

Actually, I was reasonably proud of myself. Despite very strong urges to the contrary, I did not actually eat like a mad woman let of the diet leash (or perhaps not my version of this which could be a terrifying thing). Let's look at those results in a little more detail:

1. I made SW approved choices for lunch and dinner as much as I could (although really, WHY is it so hard to get a lunch which doesn't revolve around bread? This cut my choices down considerably and when you also rule out mayonnaise, well..)
2. I arranged a cunning SW friendly and delicious al fresco picnic supper for the first night.
3. I didn't order pudding on night 2. I don't think I even tasted bf's. This is so momentous that I want to bold it and put it in red flashing text.
4. I did order pudding on night 3 but ate about a third of it and decided it wasn't worth it. Even though bf felt this meant he had to finish it and wasn't too happy about it. I take his point about waste but still felt I did the right thing. Also, momentous for me.
5. I shared 1 scone with cream and jam with bf and a shared a brownie (different days). Yes, okay, cake but in a moderate fashion.
6. I drove on nights 2 and 3 so only had 1 glass of prosecco in total.
7. We walked every day and one walk had 3 such ferocious climbs that my legs were literally shaking at the top and I was gasping for breath.

1. Booze. Half a bottle of champagne on night 1, half a bottle of prosecco and half a bottle of wine on night 4. This is a lot for me and I felt a bit dodgy on day 5.
2. Breakfast: yep, had (3 American style) blueberry pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast every morning. And toast with butter (homemade sunflower seed bread, mmmm)
3. I had 2 cupcakes; they were amazing. On days 1 and 4.
4. I had pudding on night 4 (coconut pannacotta with pineapple sorbet and pineapple carpaccio)
5. I had an ice cream (2 scoops) - it SO wasn't worth it. No more ice cream for me. I love Mr Whippy (low rent, I know) and Ben and Jerry's macadamia madness or phish food and that's pretty much it.
6. I did still have those half cakes. I don't regret those in the same way as the ice cream.
7. Lunches weren't perfect - just the best I could do. Moules in some creamy-cider sauce (left the sauce), a ham ploughmans which came with a wedge of bread (I ate most of the bread but I really wanted a stilton one or a cheese and chutney sarnie so felt noble), an asparagus frittata (which had a smidegeon of cheese) and a glass noodle and chicken salad (had peanuts in it - delicious but not SW friendly)

Reading all that, you will probably guess that my encounter with SoD yesterday was not a happy one: I put on 5lbs! I may be deluding myself, but that sounds unduly harsh to me. But, as a friend pointed out, I enjoyed the weekend and now I just have to move on. Which is what I'm doing. Bf said he'd be glad to get back to a more sensible diet "Quick on, quick off" he opined cheerfully. Well, I do hope so, but that's never been the case for me. Very happy to be proven wrong here.


starfish264 said...

Give it a couple of days and then revisit the scale - if it's still 5lbs up then, fair enough, but I suspect it will drop fairly sharply if you're back to eating normall (sensibly) straight away - I usually find booze plus the richness of the food causes me to bloat for a couple of days. Fingers crossed your other half is right on this one!

It does sound fabulous though - most of the food description had be dribbling! xx

Fionna said...

I think you did rather well and 5lb does seem a bit harsh. weigh again in a few days and I'm sure Starfish is right and some of it will be bloat. Get plenty of water down you to flush it out.

Seren said...

You sound like you had a wonderful time and that is the important thing. Plus, in the weeks preceding the holiday you had really found your diet groove. So fingers crossed some, or all, of that disappears by next week.


claire said...

Seren is right - you did find your diet groove, and you also made some good choices while you were away. On two fronts - you resisted what you knew you could and learned what you really wanted - and the other good choice you made was to relax and enjoy it. You'll get back on the wagon and wave the weight goodbye in no time!