Monday, 23 May 2011


In one – and one alone – sense I am a lightweight. Alcohol. I’ve never been a big drinker – I have headaches almost every day of my life already without adding any that are self-inflicted. But I love champagne, wine and cocktails. And occasional cider (good stuff only, none of your magners rubbish (the clue is that if you have to put ice in it, it's to stop it tasting and probably isn’t very nice)). Since being on a diet (which bf reminded me was kind of since year dot) – and more especially, over the last 5 years, I have drunk less. It was purely about the calories to be honest and I am sad about it but I have learnt that I can't have everything (damnit).

This weekend we decided to celebrate being engaged a year with a bottle of champagne; I drank a little under half of it, generously giving bf an extra glass. Then I had a glass of wine with my scallops. I felt fine. Until I had breakfast the next day when I developed a crushing headache, slight queasiness and extreme torpitude. I felt like this for the rest of the day. Can I please register my objection with the universe on this one? That is NOT a huge amount to drink, I don't make a habit of it and I did not deserve to feel so rubbish. As it is, I have a crushing headache today – is it day 2 of my wussy hangover or is it just my stupidly painful head? Grrrr.

The weekend – apart from most of Sunday – was lovely. We realised that we’d forgotten our walking boots so I did a 7 mile walk in fitflops. I am hoping that this means that my arse and thighs had a fine workout and are revving towards peachiness. Even as my feet got filthier and filthier. I actually had to use wipes on them just so I didn’t look like a troll and could enter polite society (aka Waitrose) before I even got as far as the shower.

One trauma that I bore with (reasonable) fortitude was leaving my chocolate meringue stash at work. Okay, I didn’t show much fortitude at all - I actually wailed aloud in horror (and Lesley, what ARE you suggesting? I thought you were a friend. I cannot possibly lay off them and am hyperventilating at the thought. Hush your mouth immediately). I made up for it today by eating a whole tub. Yup, that’s 20 (they’re very ickly, honestly. But yes, unbelievably piggy). That’s 15 syns just like that. My whole day’s allowance. I had enough – even with the booze – but I feel bad. Not so bad that I wouldn’t like to eat the other tub though.... ( I won't, I won't!)


amy said...

Do you grind your teeth? I too had headaches most days until I was fitted for a nightguard. No more headaches!

Seren said...

I wish I got hangovers. I really, really do. As it is, alcohol is a major diet downfall for me and because I can get away with consuming silly quantities (not that I necessarily do...) I continue to drink. The trouble is, I genuinely like the taste of certain drinks - proper cider (am with you on the Magners), gin and tonic, nice wine, Pimms....le sigh.


Lesley said...

Okay - I take it back but only if you promise - no more whole packs!!!

Aaah, poor you on the hangover. Seems very unfair.

But I'm glad you had a good time and a lovely celebration.

Lesley xx