Thursday, 19 May 2011

Well blog-gone

My comments have been stolen. It said that I had 2 but I couldn’t access Blogger all the end of last week. Now they’re gone. Anyone seen them? Please hand them into your nearest internet police station.

So, it’s been a week (thanks to the Blogger meltdown). [Note: longer now because my internet wouldn't work yesterday when I wrote this]. I have had a tough week in many ways – the decorating was surprisingly tiring and my thighs have only just stopped screeching in pain when I try and go up or down stairs. My shoulder hurt so badly after wielding a remarkably heavy roller all day Saturday that I was wussily reduced to almost-tears and to ibuprofen. The family party was loooooong. I did not drink. Bf did drink. His family drank. They were all very chatty but slightly unfocused by 11pm. I was less so as I was wearing ridiculous shoes (BUT Kurt Geiger, reduced from £89 to £15 – got to love them, right?). Bf looked at them dubiously as we were about to leave the flat;

“What?” I asked defensively “Don’t you like them?”
“They look like they hurt you” he said “I don’t like anything that hurts you”
Awwwww. He was right, incidentally, they did.

So I had a dry weekend but there were cupcakes. I counted them but I had (over the course of 4 days) 5. Ahem. I’ve also become OBSESSED with M&S Belgian chocolate mini meringues – a very reasonable 1.5 syns for 2. My worst day was when I ate 12. In two ‘sittings’ but it’s not exactly making it much better, now is it.

I always feel rather queasy when I know I have to weigh myself. It doesn’t matter if I feel I’ve had a good week, I know enough of the capriciousness of SoD to feel worried. You will recall that I lost not a single itty-bitty ounce last week. This week I lost 1¾ lbs. It’s okay for a week, less so for 2 weeks. I’m Porky.9 ¾ - exactly 3lbs heavier than a month ago. It’s such a slog I feel tired. Or I feel tired and so it seems a slog – maybe it’s that way round.

Tomorrow (crazy work allowing) the bridal post....


Seren said...

Awww, love the comment about the shoes!

Nearly 2lbs a week is an excellent rate of loss. I once saw a hospital consultant who encouraged his patients to lose just 2lbs a month - any more than that and, he claimed, you could put adverse strain on your vital organs. - this is the picture that mine will be based upon. Although, as the dressmaker so kindly called it, my "generous" bosom might require some slight tweaking to the neckline design :-)


Lesley said...

As I get older I become less and less tolerant of pain for beauty!! No Kurt Geiger for me (unless they're trainers - does he do trainers??).

Well done on your virtuous non-drinking. Maybe steer clear of the mini meringues for a week??

Can't wait for bridal all that stuff (somewhat bizarrely in the circumstances...).

Lesley xx

Seren said...

Stupid technology! If you go to the JA giftshop website and the Regency wedding section there is a picture of a winsome looking woman with a yellow flower, and that's the picture. But imagine it with more up top and a less winsome expression!!