Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Going nowhere fast

I feel I ought to update - but there's not much to say. My eating still includes too much chocolate and I still beat myself up about it - but that doesn't stop me. Unsurprisingly I still look and feel fat and my clothes still don't fit. It looks unlikely that I'll be cycling much this week - I don't like cycling in the rain (or the wind although I will reluctantly do that); I've done Circuit of Hell once and plan to do it tomorrow morning too.

We had a nice weekend in Aldeburgh - I probably ate too much but I wasn't out of all control, I didn't sneak in extra sugar, furtively and in between meals as I often do when we go away. I didn't weigh myself before I went and I haven't for a while now - I'm too scared - which means I probably should do this Friday. Weirdly I forget to do it but I suspect this is some sort of subconsious ploy to protect myself from full on freak-out (I know it won't be good news).

Despite too much chocolate over the last two days (and a Haribo hit today - provided at work) I have had salads in the evening that I have positively salivated over the prospect of (and soup for lunch, porridge for breakfast). Thank goodness I like salad. We bought an amazing lean slipper ham that had been marinated in treacle and then smoked - last night and tonight I had a salad of chicory, leaves, ham, apple and a bit of Sussex gold cheese, SO delicious. On Sunday we had a ham and chutney sandwich which was one of the best I've ever had (with local cider). We might have to go back and buy another ham! I enjoy this sort of natural, wholesome eating but it's got to be the polar opposite of Haribo which are essentially chemicals bound together with horse bone gluey stuff. How can something so intrinsically awful taste so nice and act on me like some sort of drug so that I can't stop at one or two? I know there will be more Haribo tomorrow. My goal is to take 5 pieces and not keep going back for more. It's a real challenge.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

You are very fortunate to be a "salad girl". I have always tried to really like salads, but given the choice, I often end up with coleslaw and various types of pasta salads.

I, too, have been known to be a secret sugar/chocolate eater when away on holiday. I don't know what it is about a little getaway that causes me to conceal Mars bars in my purse for furtive consumption later on...

Just recently, I was on a couple on trips, and I surprised myself by NOT hiding and eating chocolate. A big first!

Sounds like you eat quite healthy during the day...maybe you can imagine the Haribos have become something less palatable? (like real worms instead of the gummy variety?)

Call Me Ishmael said...

Er, Peridot..what the heck is a haribo? That's one that escapes me. You are so right about the wine and water idea..I would never be able to dilute my fine vino. Which reminds me, I've just bought a ton of wine for our Thanksgiving feast. My finicky French friend had better like it. Glad to see you posting, have missed you!

Lesley said...

Yah- what is it about Haribo?? They're appearing more and more often at work and I can't understand why. Well, I can understand why you'd want to give them away!! But they're seductive horrible little blighters and it's sometimes tricky to ignore them.

Good luck and keep up the salads!!

Lesley x