Thursday, 3 September 2009

Windswept and dissolute

It took me ages to cycle in today: cross-wind, head-wind - it all came at me this morning. It was a real battle. People cycling the other way were literally pinging past me. They had the mythical tail-wind which propels you along like ET - I have never experienced this but it looked impressive with me going one way v-e-r-y slowly and them whisking past at high speed the other way. I grimly consoled myself that I must be burning more calories than normal - and my arse and thighs were certainly screaming by the time I got to work.

Which is just as well. I had another encounter with the truffles last night. I had 3 of the larger rectangular ones (they're now gone) and 3 of the smaller, round ones. I dread to think what that did to my calorie count. I'm aiming for 2 small ones tonight and NO MORE. I don't think I possess even a shred of will power. Do you think I could buy it on ebay? Or pretty much anywhere really!

I was supposed to go to M&S last night to look at the dreaded swimwear - I couldn't cycle so it made sense to go. But it was cold, rainy and I couldn't face the ensuing freak-out. So I went home and ate cottage cheese instead. And, er, truffles.

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Lesley said...

Get to M&S fast - I went today and there were only poor scraps of swimwear remaining! Maybe that is because people in Rotherham only go on holiday in the designated holiday time periods and you sophitimacated London types will have a great selection but I was shocked!

Good luck with the dreaded chore!

And well done for the cycle.

Lesley x