Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Three - it's the magic number

The weather is not on my side. Rain this morning and promised torrential rain this afternoon meant no cycling. I did manage to dash out of the flat in time to walk in though - and I did my anti-fatter approved circuit too. It's not leading to a happy encounter with the evil scales of doom on Friday though.

Last night I had half a tub of cottage cheese (with pineapple) and a corn on the cob (to use my glut up) for dinner - is this a balanced diet? I shall be having the same tonight to use it up but it kind of feels a bit nuts. No actual nuts included. Dinner (if you can call it that) had to be that restricted to kick in at under 1250 cals. As it is, I entered my calorie counts including one square of my usual chocolate to sub in for the (birthday gift) truffle I intended to have which was coy about calories. Reader, I ate three.

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Lesley said...

I'm currently in avoidance mode too after a nasty carb-grazing session on Tuesday evening but have promised myself that I will step on the ESOD tomorrow, without fail!! So, I will think of you then!!

Lesley x