Tuesday, 8 September 2009

When good money goes bad

Activity tally: I walked 7 miles on Saturday, 7.5 miles on Sunday. I cycled Monday (nearly 18 miles - my standard commute), today (Tuesday - again, nearly 18 miles) and will be cycling Friday (weather permitting). I will have done my circuit of pain 3 times by Friday (only once so far though - next session planned for 6.15am tomorrow).

Food tally: a bit more lax at the weekend but nothing too awful (an ice cream, a couple of cookies and a couple of pieces of cake (non butter-cream variety) all of which I'd subbed stuff out to compensate for). Today however I had an almond Magnum - which was almost the same calorie content as my dinner will be. That's why I have to calorie count, I convinced myself that a Magnum was c200 cals and I was almost 100 cals out. I will be just over 1400 cals today and I try to keep it around 1250-1350 cals when I cycle. This allows me to eat more at the weekend. A Magnum rather throws that balance out and I really regret having eaten it now.

So it's with a heavy heart that I approach the penultimate weigh in before holiday to Turkey. Perhaps that's the reason that the scales never give me a happy reading? It's not my blubber that's heavy, it's my heart! Hmmmmm, sure thing porker!

And I am going to have to face the Swimwear Trauma very soon. I chickened out and ordered two tankinis and a swimsuit from Lands End but I have yet to summon up the courage to actually try them on. I need to pick the least awful option and send the others back - and in time to have a panic buy on Figleaves if necessary... They were expensive but not really attractive (all underwired though - that was a non-negotiable - although not in bra sizes curiously but dress sizes (not quite sure how that works)) so I do rather resent the money I'm spending just to make myself look bad. After all, I could do that quite cheaply!


Lesley said...

Yeah, I know that feeling, shelling out for something which fits but doesn't make your heart sing! very galling.

But, but but but - you need a cossie and you will have a great time. Please don't let it drag you down. Go out there and have a lovely holiday. Deal??

Well done on all that exercise - sounds terrifying...I've been working pretty hard so the exercise has taken a back seat.

Keep it up chuck.

Lesley x

Call me Ishmael said...

That is an impressive amount of walking! Mon Dieu -- I wish I could do half as much. I really hope you have a great holiday in Turkey. It sounds fantastic, and I'm sure you deserve a splendid break from the daily grind.