Thursday, 4 June 2009


These are things that have annoyed me (yes, this would be a rant):

1) When I ordered my frappuccino light and they asked me if I wanted cream on it - well, duurrrrr. Although maybe they know about my recent squirty cream exploits....
2) The London Paper pusher who tries to force me to take a copy of his rag when I'm walking past (on a bit of one way system where I need to go the other way) with my bike. What am I going to do? Read it while I cycle?
3) The earnest discussion we had at work about using Twitter as a channel. We're a staid, grey company and really, do people want that sort of hipness from that sort of organisation? Surely it's as embarrassing as watching your Great Uncle Nigel trying to body pop at a family wedding? In a 'whacky' tie.

My weight stays the same, I'm very tired (physically, rather than sleepy) and the forecast is for rain, rain, rain - thus scotching any more cycling commutes in the near future. Grrrr.

PS Lesley - yes in Starbucks 'tall' is a small. Go figure (told you I'd been reading too many US websites). Can't remember what they term medium ('grande'? Don't forget the signficance of that 'e'..) but I think large is a 'venti'. Obviously.

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beth said...

oh dear, it's like when bob dole said his web site during the 2000 presidential campaign. SO cringe-worthy. (I use that example since you've become all American!)

I fear starting a Starbucks habit, but may have to go sample a frap...

PS chocolate fudgsicles are yummy and the staple of many a dieter. Until you eat about four and realize you're still hungry and could have had some proper chocolate. Anyway, I shall demystify for you in future. The rest of the US diet foods are quite a lot like dog food -- you actually do them much better here.