Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Spouting off

Cycling has been tough the last few days. I'm slightly fed up that I seem to be less fit - rather than more - than when I started. I wonder if it's biorhythms or similar? My period is due at the weekend and I wonder if that is making me feel more tired. Not sure I fancy cycling with a period either - for one thing, for an ST to fit my cycling knickers it would have to have wings of an eagle. Or an albatross! Anyway, tomorrow is a walking day rather than a cycling day so that will give me a bit of a break. And I still enjoy cycling - it's just feeling rather tough at the moment. It's nothing like the pain that running caused me (emotionally and physically!) so I do count my blessings every time, believe me.

And my weight is stubbornly still not going down.

After my excitement about the new synthetic low cal pudding option (SF jelly and half fat spray cream) I found that I'm not really sure I like it. I like the jelly and I like the cream - just separately, not together. This seems illogical so I keep trying it. I just like the cream off a spoon! I enjoy the squirt action but I have to say I don't think I'd bother buying it again actually - just enjoy the one-off chav wonder of this can. I got the idea from a US site. In fact I rather have US envy - I've been intermittently reading a US weight loss forum and a couple of blogs and they seem to have shelves and shelves of diet foody treats over there. I don't know what a low calorie fudgsicle is but I'm sure I'd like it.

Talking of which, I did discover that a Starbucks' tall mocha light frappuccino is only 113 cals. This is an option for a day when I don't have a LF yoghurt as a way of getting my LF dairy (as per the BBC programme 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight) and a bit of a treat. Tall, though, I ask you! Why can't they just call it small? If that's a tall then I too must be tall. Whereas I'm more like the little teapot - short and stout!

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Lesley said...

Now I really am flummoxed....I always assumed that a "tall" was a large....have I been wrong (and hopelessly unobservant) all these years?

Keep at it.. Don't lose faith and go off the rails. If you're doing the right thing with food and exercise the weight will come off, just not always in a straight line.

I must have the opposite of "Us envy"....I think a low cal fudgsicle sounds horrid!!

Now, a gelato or even a plain old Mr Whippy.....that's more like it!!

Lesley x