Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cycle chic(k)

Day 11 of headache. My head actually felt as if it were pulsating in my helmet cycling in today, as if it were going to explode the helmet outwards. I can't recommend it as a sensation.

I was curious to see what impact the tube strike would have on the road today, having reluctantly conceded that I would have to cycle, rain or no. There were cyclists out who were - from their dress - not regular cyclists (like the woman whose helmet was on at a rakish - if dangerous - diagonal 90 degree angle). Some of these people overtook me. Humpf - how rude. And there were loads and loads more cars to negotiate around so it took me longer to get in. I also had to pass a cyclist accident with an ambulance in attendance. Eek. It was on a bit of the route with a separate cycle path. Double eek. My commute was dry though - although the heavens have since opened and it is now monsooning which doesn't bode well for getting home.

When I had my cycle training, I had mentioned that I hoped cycling would help me to "get fit" as an aim. This, as many people know, is fat girl speak for "lose weight". Or maybe it's just me. I don't like to say 'lose weight' in case, you know, people haven't noticed up until that point that I am fat. Yep, delusional. The bloke said you can't get fit in London as you can't get enough speed up. I hope this doesn't apply to losing weight. The Food Focus website says I burn c1200 calories in a daily cycle commute - I hope that's right and that is a decent enough effort to burn that blubber. I have bought a new gizmo for my bike which measures the speed, time, calories burnt and all other odd information. Yes, I am subjecting myself to the tyranny of yet more numbers - what a glutton (for punishment. Although actually, probably just a glutton!). I like cycling but would I like it as much if it didn't promise to substantially help me lose weight and turn my arse and thighs into steely toned sylphdom? Okay - may be asking a bit much there but a girl can dream. If sitting on the sofa, reading, burnt more calories I would be delirious with happiness. I am not a natural athlete. I don't have the hair for it, for one thing.


Lesley said...

I try not to enter the numbers game 'cos I know I'd get obsessive about it then I'd forget and then that would be an excuse to let it go....But, I know some people like it so if the number float your boat, live by them!

I did wonder if the roads would be crammed with cyclists today due to the strike. The dreaded words "tube" and "strike" are enough to plunge me back 15 years and remember the impotence and rage I used to feel at the public transport system when I used to live in London. Now, I have vurtually no public transport but it can't let me down and when it does work for me I'm happy! Weird.

Full of respec' innit.

Lesley x

Lainey said...

Well hello Peridot

I've read two of your posts and I think I am in love with your blog. Too frickin amusing!

Sadly am at work right now and so shall be reading through your archives when I get a chance.

I find it hard to find UK blogs that float my boat - I need a healthy dose of cyncisism, or as I like to call it- reality.


Lainey. x