Friday, 29 May 2009

Vida la revolution

Back on wheels today after probably a fortnight's absence. It felt fine in terms of my fitness levels (unlike running where as soon as you miss a couple of sessions it becomes even more hellish) and it felt great to be cycling on such a lovely day (sunshine and no wind) rather than squidging on a tube and the torturous rail replacement service for the high handed closure of one of my lines into work. I'm glad that I got one cycle in on half term week too as the traffic is always lighter which makes it more pleasant - I guess the whole summer will be like that, yippee! If I had felt a fraction as good running as I do cycling, I would have kept going with it. And moaned alot less! I see people running on my cycle route - they have that rictus grimace of pain and/or endurance. And often they run in the road - how odd is that? Perhaps they're hoping they'll be struck down and released from running hell by being carted off in an ambulance?!

I feel fully back and established on the calorie counting and cycling route to slimdom. It's a long, road which I travel at snail pace but I don't think there's anything I can do about that. As seductive as it sometimes feels to do LL and get a stone off quickly (I am very unhappy about this particular stone as it's the one that makes my clothes too tight and therefore gives me wardrobe dilemmas on a daily basis) I know that long-term it's a problem for me as:
a) I can't stick to it;
b) I am thoroughly miserable; and
c) As soon as I stop, the weight piles back on, leaving me caught in a wretched yo-yo cycle of pain
My plan remains being strict in the week with 1200-1300 cals a day and cycling as often as poss (1200cals+ burnt), walking a bit if not, and then a more relaxed Saturday, some exercise on Sunday if possible and mostly back on my usual 1200-1300 cals.

Yesterday I did the obligatory bringing in treats as penance for going on holiday. As I'd been to Cornwall I brought in scones, clotted cream and jam and made up a cream tea for the office. Usually if I were doing this I would use it as an excuse to snarf several scones for myself - but I'd entered in half a one into my Food Focus calorie count ..... and I stuck to it! This may not sound impressive but for someone with as little willpower as me, this is a really big deal. Now I just have to resist our Friday afternoon meeting wine and nibbles. I can resist the wine alright but the crisps and sweets are much more difficult.

We have friends coming round for dinner tomorrow night but we are planning 5 mini courses (inspired by Fifteen) and just so we can not feel overloaded they're not very carb heavy. At all. Want to hear? Ignore this if you're fatigued by foodie talk - Starter: marinated fig salad, prima: open ravioli of venison ragu (bf doing this), secondi: chicken in balsamic and cherry sauce with some sort of root veg mash (weeny - just a tbsp per person), cheese, pudding: lemon shortbreads with strawberries and clotted cream (maybe with raspberry coulis), coffee and chocs. And although there will be wine throughout (mostly different ones to go with the different foods) and a bellini to start, it's not too calorific a meal, especially since all the courses will be small starter size. Or am I kidding myself? Anyway, we're off on a cycle ride on Sunday which will help! The weather's looking good for next week too so I should be able to cycle most days although I do need to book my bike in for a service which means just a 2-3 mile ride to the bike shop (and back) on one day. I keep putting this off as if I'm on my bike I want to be burning those cals but I do need to do it - my bike does make slightly odd whispery noises.

Hope everyone has a good weekend - doesn't the sunshine make a difference? Let's hope it lasts until at least October now (with rain at night for people with gardens).

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Lesley said...

Wow - I'm coming round to your gaff for tea one day, sounds gorgeous! And, as long as you don;t go mad on the wine and maye save up some calories throughout the day, shouldn't be too ruinous either.

You sound much cheerier now that you're back in control on the weight front. I remembre feeling something similar back in January when I decided that I was not going to do LL again. it had its place and it was brilliant and life-changing for me but NO MORE!

I love the idea of you wrestling with the bungee guy and taking him down with you! Trouble is, they would LOVE that! If anyone is scared to jump, they offer to do a tandem just for the fun of it. Nutters. I loved my jump but wasn't especially keen to do another but the thoght of jumping with a view of Victoria Falls sounds pretty special so I expect I'll be tempted when I get there.

Keep it up chuck - both the low cal, the cycling and the foodie stuff. Does it count that I picked some nice looking mushrooms yesterday while running and am going to combine them with some porcini and more exotic funghi purchased at a random garden fair in Rotherham at lunchtime from a hunky Italian and make a mushroom risotto?? Looking forward to it actually but will have to only eat mini portions of it with big salads!!

Lesley x