Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tiredness is the enemy of good sense

Yesterday I got up at 4am for a particularly stressful day's work and finally got back to bed at 11.30pm - I was on the go or travelling at all points in between. We did have a working lunch (delicious and quite healthy) but I did eat quite a bit of rubbish (breakfasts on trains are appalling and what's available at Kings Cross at 5.45am isn't much better). Today I almost feel more tired - I guess it's the adrenaline withdrawal - and have eaten quite alot of sugar which seems to have turned me slightly hyper and loopy (but still wanting more sugar obviously). I'm wound so tightly I may snap.

Cornwall beckons but the forecast is bad for the first couple of days - and the forecast doesn't go beyond that. I really would like some sunny walks - and not a repeat of our Welsh holiday, far too much of which was sat in tea shops, eating cake (natch) and staring at the rain. I know I will be eating waayyyy WAAAYYYY outside my 1200-1300 calories a day allocation and the more walking I can do to offset that the better. And it's fun.

I'm at my mum's tonight which also doesn't bode well for a refreshed Peridot tomorrow. I never get much sleep there - we go too bed too late and I can never get comfortable. Moan, whinge, grumble....

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