Thursday, 14 May 2009

Soggy scones

Well I have resigned myself to a wet week's holiday in Cornwall with little walking. It's a shame as our last holiday was a wet fortnight in Wales! But there it is, and if we do get some sunshine I shall be very pleased and out on those coastal paths before you can say 'pasty'.

A couple of days of mindless and rebellious eating have made me start feeling nervous. I am, sadly, an all or nothing girl and much better at the all bit! I have to be exercising, noting down what I'm eating and making sensible advance choices or I slide down the slippery sugary path like a greased pig down a helter-skelter. My clothes feel tight - not surely possible after only a couple of days but a scary thought just the same. Perhaps it will help me employ a little wisdom (not Norman) whilst on holiday. Particuarly since I don't want to get to the end of the week and find I can't fit into the skirt I'm taking to wear to Fifteen. It's a little snug now......

So you can see that I need some sunshine to get me out walking and thus balance the cream teas, fish and chips and wine! Just for your information, you CAN have wine with fish and chips but it has to be a robust sauvignon blanc to cope with all the vinegar. So there you go. Or there I will go, in any case!

Breakfast time tomorrow I will be at the famous Heston Blumenthalled up Little Chef. As I have said before, I'm pretty indifferent to cooked breakfasts (unless American style!) but it will be interesting to see nonetheless - and bf is a big fan of the full English. I'll probably have a bacon sarnie. I'll have been up for 4-5 hours by that point!

Now I must go and pack and clean and paint toenails - even though it sounds as if my feet will have to be warmly encased in layers for the week! As ever, I am running out of time... Byeeee

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Lesley said...

So we're both ahving a wet holiday. I'm managing to get a bit of walking in but not long hikes or anything. I fully intended to go on a couple of decent yomps but have not managed it. Hey ho, have fun anyway!!

Lesley x