Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The silver lining

Part of my public transport route home has casually been disabled for the whole of this week (thanks guys, no, no trouble at all) so bf volunteered to meet me in the car before the vanished bit of the line on my way home yesterday. When he got there, the traffic was so horrendous that we decided to hang on for an hour and let it die down. I was starving so went into Wagamama as the most blameless option and had a raw salad, some squid and 2 of 3 skewers of chicken.

As I went to bed, I didn't feel great - sort of shivery and with a sore throat - and around midnight I started throwing up violently (the food? The pain and violence makes me think it may be food poisoning rather than a bug but bf had the other chicken skewer and he's fine - I'd usually blame the chicken). The hurling (the non-Celtic variety) carried on until 3.30am (although I had nothing left to throw up by then) and then this morning unpleasantly dramatic, er, runny tummy (trying not to be too graphic here). I've been okay since mid morning except feeling exhausted and delicate (a tricky concept if you're on the hefty side like me). I don't really fancy food - hurrah! At least, I'm not hungry although my mind is already sabotaging me by weighing up possible food options. But I weighed myself and have lost 3lbs - double hurrah! It's not a fun way to do it but I'm glad some good came out of all the night-time trauma. I don't know how bulimics do it though - I've felt the strong urge to purge after a binge in a panic but being sick is really vile. Maybe you don't have the stomach pain and trampolining as it's not as a reaction to some sort of physical illness but it's still pretty hard-core I'm sure.

I may be bold and have a Pepsi Max in a minute if I keep this glass of water down. Oh the glamour and hedonism of my life! Luckily I don't think we have any bread as I strongly associate eating marmite on toast or scrambled egg on toast as getting-better food! And of course this is not actually known scientifically as a medical cure, despite my twisted thinking. I could do with maximising my involuntary purge with not diving into carbs and butter. I think if I get hungry I may go for some fruit and granola - maybe even a yoghurt - but that's it. Can't see me being up to cycling in tomorrow though - which is even more of a shame since it's so flipping hard to get anywhere, courtesy of the public transport system.


Lesley said...

I'll say it again, love the writing style (the bit about the public transport at the beginning in particular, very funny).

Sorry to hear you've been hurling, not a nice way to lose weight but take advantage of it! Don't undo the unexpected bonus by eating!! That is what my chimp (read twisted thinking) does - when I get to a low point on the scales it starts talking me into eating!

You know you don't want to do that. Take charge!

Good luck chuck and hope you feel better soon.

Lesley x

beth said...

So sorry you're ill -- and I _totally_ relate to the 'ooh, but at least I lost weight.' Take care of yourself (and not with comfort food!) beth x

Badger said...
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