Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back from the brink

Before I begin - Lesley, slightly perturbed by your comment on the last but one post (Wheels on Fire) that cycling engaged your "three'penny bit"? I thought that was rhyming slang for bosoms in which case I think you might be doing it wrong...

Well, after my 1333 calorie hazelnut-goo disaster yesterday, I managed not to treat this as an excuse to sink under the weight of every and any calorific food that crossed my path, pacman style, but stuck to my low cal plan at Wagamama. I didn't even succumb to the whisper (wispa?!) in my head encouraging me to have my usual square of dark chocolate with raspberries when I got home. I firmly decided I'd had enough and although it's only 58 calories it would be better not to add that in. I was soon so engrossed in mildly leching after Philip Glennister on Ashes to Ashes that I forgot all about it anyway. To think I resisted seeing Life on Mars for so long!

Today I am back on track. No cycling because of the heavy rain this afternoon but I walked in again in my MBTs. Am on track to come in under 1200 cals today. I have a wrap skirt that I've tied tightly to remind myself of my podge (like I could forget). Tomorrow is set to be a fine day and I will be cycling. I feel I've wrested myself back from the brink of the binge-abyss.


Lesley said...

Tee hee!! Well my (very rude) pal told me it was rhyming with something in a different department....! I will bow to your London expertise (as a more proximate cockney) and promise that I won't be cycling like that on the telly....!

Lesley x

Lesley said...

BTW, well done for stepping back from the brink.