Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A tale of colour co-ordination and seaside fun

I now have my bike. It's the glaringly white one. Which is nice as it matches my legs almost exactly - you won't be able to tell where it ends and I begin. You won't even be able to look properly if the sun is out and glaring off us! I cycled home from the bike shop - it's 2-3miles - I felt fairly confident about this given that until recently I have been running c3 miles, 4 x a week. Within 10 minutes (on the flat) my thighs were screaming! Cycling the c8 miles to work (incorporating 3 short hills) will be interesting....

Bf says that the bike looks like a UN and/or ambulance bike - I think a blue light would be a useful addition. If you could hear it over me puffing and see it next to my beet-red face. Oh yes, I cut quite a dash!

I am battling my sartorial inadequacies though. I can't do much about the white legs and puce face but I bought a sassy reflective sash to deliver me from wearing a day-glo bib. And my outfits are working on the general theme of Anything But Lycra. So I bought some short flippy jersey skirts from American Apparel (online obviously, it's a fearsome shop apparently) to wear over leggings (with t-shirts) - they arrived yesterday and clearly only work if you are:
a) 16 years old AND
b) extremely slim AND
c) long legged
In which case anything looks good so it's not much of a challenge - I remain unimpressed American Apparel. I looked like a large pig who'd been dressed up in a small skirt of parsley garnish, ready for a medieval style feast. My hams - I mean thighs - were alarming and may cause fear and distress on the roads of London (and not just to me).

This weekend we had a long weekend in my friend's place on the Suffolk coast. It's beautiful there and very, very posh (witness 5 year old boy in head to toe mini-Boden jumping up and down outside the ice cream shop shouting "Pis-TARSH-io, pis-TARSH-io, I want pis-TARSH-io". I mean, children have NO RIGHT to have heard of anything but chocolate or vanilla at that age - or strawberry if they're of an arty disposition. I had chocolate fudge brownie and lemon meringue myself but then I'm from East London!...). We managed 3 walks and a trip to Sutton Hoo. And our menu plan consisted of big breakfast, walk, tea and cake, 3 course meal with wine (repeat ad lib to fade). I really don't like cooked breakfasts - they just don't do it for me. Whereas bf's little face fell when they'd run out of kidneys in one place - yeuch. They're okay (cooked breakfasts, NOT kidneys) but not something I actually enjoy. My ideal breakfast would be pancakes or waffles and fresh fruit. And even the cake was a bit disappointing - it's never as good as I can make. We did share cake though and a pudding one night too. A drop in the ocean compared to what I did eat, I suspect. After Easter I will have to catch up with that long distant wagon and cling on with a mighty effort. At least I'm never going to be the sort of person who has chocolate eggs kicking about for weeks afterwards!


Mrs said...

Hey! Enough of the negative self-talk! The cycling WILL get easier - to begin with I could not go very far but each day I found I could do a bit more. I still think you are super brave in that London traffic. Believe me, better to wear loud and proud clothes that everyone can see.

Stay safe!

A very Happy Easter!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

You've got a bike!! I've been talking about getting one for years and you've got one - so you're ahead of me on that front!!

I doubt your hams (tee hee) are as scary as you make out and they will be slimmer still from allt he biking. Go Peri!

Lesley x