Thursday, 16 April 2009

Numbers are not our friends

I gathered my courage and cycled in this morning! I was aware I was prevaricating and thought that the longer I actually left it, the harder it would be to do it. So I checked the weather on the TV last night (sunshine and occasional showers) and set off at just gone 7am this morning. It was fine - by which I mean that the experience was okay, it actually rained and has done so on and off ever since with varying degrees of force (did I bring anything waterproof? No, of course not), so much for planning ahead.

I only had 2 instances of aggressive driving - a white van man and a deeply inadequate motorcyclist. I am beginning to suspect that all motorbike commuters are inadequate - which is clearly unfair - but they are SO aggressive it does make you wonder about the size of their.... Or is it just me?!

There's a definite link in my distinctly odd head which means that I eat more virtuously if I exercise. So today has been a better day - so far. I got back on Food Focus ( - which had depressed me before by telling me that to lose 2lbs a week I needed to eat 938 cals a day - and entered my cycling This has altered all the stats so that I get to eat more and still lose 2lbs a week. In theory. We'll see.

I'm going to try and use FF more regularly (ie daily) to chart progress. Although it is still depressing - apparently if I lose 2lbs a week, every week, it will take me until Bonfire Night to get to my goal (which is not a Scarlett Johansson weight incidentally - or even close). And I somehow doubt that my metobolism will be that obliging! Sadly. Not to mention, the days I don't cycle when I have to somehow stick to my 938 calories without any leeway. Which is likely to be weekends when I am more likely to go over anyway. And holidays. Argh - it's all too mind-boggling.


Mrs said...

Numbers are just...information! But I know that sometimes they can do bad things to our head!

I am still soooo impressed with your cycling!

Keep going - I really hope this is a sport you like and get the results you deserve.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

katie said...

Keep up the cycling! I can't wait to get on my bike! It's fun and you get to explore your area in a different way- you can see more things faster than you would if you were walking, but you don't miss things like you would if you were driving! Love it!