Friday, 24 April 2009

Wheels on fire

I didn't cycle today. I'm actually really tired - it seems to have crept up cumulatively after 4 days of an hour's ride, twice a day. My thighs ache and my shoulders and upper arms. Which I'm quite pleased about as I'm hoping that this means they're getting less blubbery. And I had to overtake someone on a hill (well, a hill-ette) yesterday! Go me!

I had an exemplary cycle home last night, weariness aside. Managed all the scary bits just fine (although at least some of this was due to luck rather than judgement). Sometimes I wish I had an L plate to wear to apologise to Serious Cyclists for not speeding down tiny gaps between vehicles, but I figure that my Anything But Lycra policy is actually much the same thing. Although there are Serious Cyclists that should join me on this - a bloke whizzed past me the other day and his blue lycra shorts were so small for him that the lycra was stretched almost to the point of being entirely see-through. It was not pretty, but at the speed he was riding it was over fast! At the other extreme, I stopped at the lights with a girl yesterday who had on a twin-set, daisy strewn skirt and ballet pumps (no helmet) - I admired her taking the Anything But Lycra policy to its ultimate (highly impractical) conclusion.

And I feel guilty about not cycling today - especially since the weather is lovely today but rain is on the horizon. It's nice to have blow dried hair though rather than my hair being scraped back into a daft little ponytail (I'm growing my hair). But I could have burnt all those cals! I should come in at a tad over 1200 cals today - if I can hold out until dinner (am womanfully trying to ignore the 938 calories ordained by Food Focus)- and have gone a little over 1200 most of the week (I am SO hungry). This ought to mean, when you factor in the calories burnt through exercise, that I have undereaten the amount of calories I need to lose 2lbs a week by c900 calories every day this week (well, Monday to Thursday). Now, I don't think there'll be any exercise tomorrow and we are going to a Chinese restaurant with friends which means far too many calories, but I'm hoping that I've got enough calories 'in the bank' to deal with this. If the friends leave at a reasonable time on Sunday and it's not raining, bf will be happy to go out for a 2 hour cycle ride (he's rediscovered his love of cycling) which will help with building up my calorie savings again! And since I won't be riding in on Monday (going out after work) that would be helpful. The weather isn't looking too great for Tuesday either which is a worry on the old calorie front.

Will leave you with one very real and heartfelt comment (Lesley take note!) - the pelvis is a woefully inadequate shock absorber.


Mrs said...

Typing this on an iPhone so fingers crossed! not mine, sadly. Well done for a four day run and surviving. Make sure you enjoy your meal out too!! Please be safe on that bike!!

Big kiss. Mrs Lard xxx

Lesley said...

You are rock 'ard! I sat on a stationary bike (with proper bike saddle, ie. tiny) for a couple of minutes last night and it was very peculiar...the old "thre'penny bit" was well and truly engaged...

Keep it up tho'

Lesley x