Friday, 20 February 2015

27 dresses

Well, you were so good on the advice on the whole bra thing (which I must update you on another time) that I'm going to push you into the Gok corner again.  No need for whacky glasses or camp prancing, just some good fashion advice.  And yes, control underwear is an obvious must (any recommendations?).

So, I’ve ordered 3 dresses for the party and 2 for the wedding.  Plus I have 2 dresses under consideration already.  How many of these do you think I’ll have to choose from?  I strongly suspect 0.

Dresses to wear to the party: I’ve ordered 3.  One of them is a lovely teal colour (one of my favourite colours) but it has the potential to make me look like a pillow with a belt round (not, dear Reader, a look I’m in a hurry to embrace), one is red (I love red but blue-reds do not suit me so it depends on colour as well as everything else) and the other it’s not clear whether it’s to wear as a long tunic or a dress.  If it’s the former then we have the whole what to wear it over issue but if I got some decent jeggings, it might work.

Dresses to wear to the wedding: of the two I have, I think the one I really like (navy with a cherry print and for which I have a fabulous hat) I’m sure will be too small and I’m too chicken to try it on as it will be too upsetting if this is the case.  The other I think will fit but won’t look nice (I’m not at all sure I can do dresses at all tbh – too much stomach).  Of the two I’ve bought (online so who knows what the translation into reality will be), one is going to be too fitted I think – and possibly a bit OTT.  The other is a lovely colour (teal again) but was suspiciously cheap, is strapless (not insurmountable but would have to wear it with a cover up, bra notwithstanding) and may be empire line (makes most people look pregnant) or may not.

The emergency fall back is a skirt I bought and have only worn once.  But then I have the whole find-a-top business.  It’s kind of a 50’s style – A line with a slight net underneath to make it stick out, white with blue cabbage style roses on (so looks mostly blue).  Would I get away with a thin-knit sweater/cardigan top do you think?  I could do with something that made it seem smarter – a bit of embroidery for example.  And I’d need to source a hat.  At least hats fit, no matter what your dress size!  [Goes off, checks hats, finds several BEAUTIFUL hats].  For hats, if nothing else, I am confident I’ll find something that suits me and that I love.  Perhaps I could just go as a head, a la Max Headroom?

I don't mind trying 27 dresses - even if I have to pay p+p out to me and returns - if only I could be sure that one would ultimately work.  For each occasion.  Greedy?  Well, isn't that just the story of my life!


Stephbospoon said...

Go to a local dressmaker & have the dress you love altered. Its surprisingly reasonable & they'll do it as close to the day its needed for as they can.

Lesley said...

Oh God - it's all too hard. I just went to a christening wearing the most boring outfit of black work trousers and a halfway smart work jumper with black boots. I was not festive in any way but just couldn't be bothered to find a dress in my present size.

I know you have to cos it's a family wedding but you don't have to get all hooked up on it, really. Anything comfy and smart will do. Fingers crossed that one of the many candidates will come good for you!

Lesley xx

Lesley said...
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