Monday, 27 January 2014

Thing that make you go hmmmm

Just me that remembers the C&C Music Factory?  Possibly.  Even though I have to admit this is the only song of theirs I recall – its quirkiness appealed….  Although it never did make it on to my ipod: I think it’s best left in the 1990s.
My big learning point for the weekend has been learning to interpret  a book  description which claimed it was the ‘adult Twilight.  Oh!  THAT sort of adult.  Blush.  I honestly dread to think what Amazon are going to be recommending me from hereon in.  I actually decided to read an old book afterwards for safety’s sake.   I know it won’t suddenly launch into graphic description.  (Btw, why are heroines always petite and heroes so tall and protective?  I don’t think I’d stand much chance against baddies – am I not worth protecting (Don’t answer that!))
I bought some tights from JL.  Opaques.  I bought XL and was bemused to find that they had an additional Y shaped panel in the body bit.  I studied them.  I decided to put the panel at the back, feeling that my arse possibly needed the room.  The seams rubbed horribly.  I turned them around in our squalid work loo: less rubbing but seriously not comfy.  That was a waste of £12.  What peculiar things.
My world seems to be contracting.  I think that’s why my last post was so yawn-inducingly dull.  It’s the time of year (I hope).  To illustrate my point, my weekend consisted of working Friday night – Saturday morning (and being unable to sleep), an amazing pizza on Saturday lunchtime and a migraine all day on Sunday.  And I read 3 complete books and two partial books.  Maybe it’s because it’s cold and dark and money is tight, but I seem to be engaging with the world in general far less.  And the less I do, the less I want to do.  Of course, no-one can engage with a migraine in any case.  And I suspect that was prompted by too little sleep on Friday night -  although you can never be sure where they come from.
I am trying not to eat as I type.  It’s a starve day but I am really very, very starving.  And with just a piece of fish and a courgette to look forward to.  I’m not usually quite this hungry.  I may eat my colleague if I lose control – although she’s so bony I think she’d be the human equivalent of whitebait. 


Seren said...

A human whitebait - you do make me laugh. You also make me hungry; I adore whitebait.

I don't think there is any harm in a bit of hibernation, especially in January. Unless it drives you to read vampire porn - that just sounds...wrong.


Lesley said...

Hi hon. I'm guessing you're very very busy but hope you're managing to keep your head above water. Thinking of you. L xx