Friday, 24 January 2014

Cookie monster

I’ve done two pretty good starve days this week and have only been prevented from doing a third by having to have tests for cholesterol and diabetes this morning where I had to have two blood tests interspersed by a seriously unpleasant sweet drink.  I’m not worried about diabetes as I don’t have any of the symptoms but I am worried a bit about my heart because a)I do have some symptoms (although I’ve been so under pressure at work I tend to think that if I did have a problem, I’d have keeled over by now) and b) because they seem to push out statins with such eagerness and abandon these days and I really don’t want them.

My non-starve days have been less good.  I had a cookie frenzy on Tuesday and yesterday was just a bit carby.  Next week I'll have to work on the non-starve days too and get them looking more like a diet.  The cookie frenzy was at Ben's; I only allow myself to go there maybe a couple of times a year but they really are the best cookies.  And it actually stops me buying cookies anywhere else as there is no point.  But a buy 3 and get 4 is not the amazing and irresistible offer I thought it was.  Yes.  Four.
On the plus side, one of the starve days was against the backdrop of a psychology session, feeling generally ill and a tricky day so I was particularly impressed with myself that I stuck to it and didn't use any of these things as an excuse not to starve.  I couldn't have really after cookie-gate - or alternatively I could have decided this week had already been rendered pointless (not in a WW way, obv!)
Work remains a challenge - the volume of work is slightly less but this is due to something incredibly frustrating acting as a blocker.  Still, I live in hope of getting a lunch hour one day next week.  I do leave feeling like a limp, wrung out rag most evenings and I can't carry on like this.  Okay, that was just to give me an illusion that I have a choice!  I have a new boss who is very funny and seems really lovely - he's like a camp, English version of Graham Norton.  We work in a bit of a blame culture where people eagerly look out for and pounce on mistakes, ignoring good work, which is sapping and depressing.  I hope he can cope because my life is a lot more pleasant and a lot easier with him in it.  I only had my tests because he made me feel that there would be no repercussions if I was out of the office for half a day: there is no way I could have done that up to now.
Dear me, this is so dull, I am actually boring myself.  Will try to be more interesting next week.  If I can carve out a bit of life outside work for myself that is....


Seren said...

Lovely to hear slightly more positive news on the work front. Massive well done for sticking to those starve days in the face of horrible, horrible circumstances. Your willpower is quite remarkable.

I saw the pictures of the Ben's cookie on your Instagram feed - am intrigued! A good cookie is a thing of beauty...


Seren said...

Oh noooo! They do mail order!!