Thursday, 16 January 2014


Oh dear.  Work is really tough at the moment: there is just too much to do and I feel constantly on the brink of screaming panic.  The only thing that stops me is that I'm far too tired for that burst of energy.  It's just relentless: one of my junior colleagues on a parallel team has been signed off with stress and is in a bad way and I feel so sorry for him.  The only glimmer of a silver lining is that I have a new boss who seems very nice and is certainly pitching in (my old boss didn't believe in actually doing any work, seeing his role as one of unconstructive criticism - he's temporarily promoted so the criticism is more fairly shared about now). 

I don't seem to have the mental energy to diet at the moment.  I'm not eating like a crazy woman which is good but I must - I MUST - do better.  Last week was pretty exemplary, this week was not.  My starve days didn't really happen - more tetchily hungry, picking-rather-than-eating days. 

The thing is that work is only going to get more busy for the next month.  So I have to find some way to deal with that that allows me to diet too.  I can't think what that might be and I am SO TIRED that my mind is foggy.  Maybe the weekend will help me formulate a plan.  But all ideas most, most welcome.

I'm still struggling with the January blues too.  They're so intensely navy that I sometimes wonder if it's a bit more than that.  I guess I'll wait until Spring and find out.  We're over halfway through January so that's good news.

I am - after your encouragement - doing a photo challenge called 100 happy days.  Its premise is that you take a photo of something that has made you happy that day and put it on your choice of social media site.  I think I've been doing it for about a week and it will tell me when I have completed it.  It makes me look for optimism every day and even when it's a bit feeble (the colour contrast of my halved kiwi on a cobalt blue plate was today's), I think and hope that it reinforces the message that there is at least a flicker of happiness every day.  Far too many of mine are of food or drink, sigh (NB Just checked - 4 out of 10 are of food or drink so not so bad!).  If you fancy having a go, do google it.  I'm doing it on Instagram and I am enjoying seeing other people's photos.

And tomorrow's photo is likely to be of a cocktail.


Seren said...

Hmmm it's tough - dieting definitely requires a certain degree of mental energy - leaving aside the willpower element for a moment, the planning and organisation side of things can be tedious and time consuming. To find an approach that eliminates that seems to take you back down the chemical dust route...and I assume that would be the straw that not so much broke the camel's back as pulverised it at then dances about on the pieces?

LOVE the Instagram thingummy - I want to play!!


Lesley said...

Aaaah, that explains my niece's recent spate of happy pics on FB! As she has just arrived in Australia from Malaysia where she spent Christmas with her parents, they are very happy indeed!!

Keep it up chuck. The days are getting longer and January will be over soon!!

L x

PS. I can't get to grips with work or dieting either!

Love Cat said...

I am having a day of happiness... only when I read that you uploaded a pic of a kiki did I realise we're following each other on instagram!

I totally didn't realise that was you! And now I'd like to slap you - you are just lovely. So pretty and just lovely. I wish you could see this and know it.

Lots of love x