Friday, 3 February 2012

Snow joke

Week 4 finished with a whimper - and that whimper was mine. 3/4lb off. Which brings my loss to 3.25lbs over the last 4 weeks. You can see why I was whimpering, can't you? I thought I was being stoic to not break into an outright wail or howl. And - worse - since then, my unofficial WI has shown that 3/4lb has gone back on. And that was before I ate at least 12 dark chocolate covered brazils (having told myself I could have 3). I don't know who it was who decided that one would be satisfied with less dark chocolate than milk but I, for one, am sceptical that this is true. I almost have to practice resistance - once I've had a type of chocolate I can control myself a bit but that first excitement seems to erode my self-control to, er, nothing.

So, after a super-strict week where I loss the gobsmackingly insignificant 3/4lb, we now have a week where it's going to be a bit tougher. Forget the brazils (believe me, I'm trying to), we have dinner with friends on Saturday night and it's our first time at theirs so I don't know what sort of food to expect. But the chap is one of those hollow-leg types who thinks that unless you're eating half an animal and several types of carbs, you're having an itty-bitty snack. And his wife is a great and enthusastic baker. It's turning what should be a pleasurable evening into a source of anxiety. But I will just handle it as best I can, be gracious - and hope like hell for the SoD to be capriciously benevolent on Wednesday. I know...

Other than that, our weekend is full of wedding chores - we're visiting our wedding venue to talk to the new co-ordinator, seeing a couple of B&Bs/hotels to be able to recommend them to our guests and going to a wedding fair (snow permitting). The friends are worryingly keen we get snowed in at their flat - but they are young, bless them. And I don't fancy either a) shivering on their sofa all night or b) playing games and drinking all night (something my friend seems to view as a great opportunity).

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Sarah said...

Firstly, surely 0.75lb a week is a success, i know you struggle so it looks good.

Is it worth calling the baker lady to say you need to lose a pound a week to your wedding and you're a little bit worried about her wonderful food. I know it's hard to get people to understand when it is just their party once (and when you add up the events, it does really add up) but wedding and a target should strike a chord.

Sarah x