Monday, 6 February 2012

Pizza my mind

You know the idiom that says that an eavesdropper never hears anything good about themselves? That appears to be true of unofficial WIs (and possibly the official ones too but let’s not go there just yet. At least until Wednesday). I had a sneaky peak at Scales of Doom today and found I’d put on 2lbs since Wednesday. Pause for gasps of horror. I wish I was one of those positive people who was spurred on by disappointment – but I seem to collapse like an undercooked soufflĂ©.

Some of this will be because of the dinner with friends on Saturday night. Of course, they didn’t know about me no-carbing it – I don’t like to talk about dieting anyway and I hate to be one of those high-maintenance women who squeeze all the joy out of an occasion by laying down the law about what they will and will not eat. I was determined to make the best of it, graciously and thankfully. But my heart sunk through the floor when I realised the main course was home-made pizza. I had the smallest pieces I could get, but clearly the bread there was not going to be a good thing. I left some of my fruit crumble (but didn’t get the opportunity to ask for a small bit – it was just delivered to me) which is not easy for me. And I’m afraid I had 3 glasses of wine (1 more than I meant to). So for some of this at least, I can only blame myself.

I’m hoping that the effect of the carbs (in that having carbs encourages the body to retain water apparently) explains the sudden weight gain and that it will come off as easily but that has never been my experience. And my period is due this week which would conspire to mean a poor result on the scales is looking increasingly likely this week. I will be content (not happy of course) with a STS – but any gain after a good week with 1 innocent and 1 guilty blip would be unfair. I begin to fear that I am going to be as useless as last year in losing weight – only this year is the most critical year of my life in terms of weight. I feel sick with fear when I think that I need to look for a wedding dress the month after next.

But the prospect for the week ahead is pretty good. (I’m trying to look beyond the fateful WI on Wednesday...) I only have one social occasion to negotiate – a lunch with P’s family on Sunday. The hotel his parents insist on going to is not great – and, serendipitously, the puddings are so grim that I am never even remotely tempted (think Bejam frozen ‘gateaux’ with fake cream). We are going to a wedding fair on Saturday and there might be wedding cake to taste (really, we’re going to specifically look for cake – amongst other things) but it won’t be more than a morsel and may not be anything at all.

And I suppose there’s Valentines next week. Well, we never go out – an article where a chef described his brethren around the country blowing the dust off rusty, heart-shaped tins pretty much did for us. We’ll have something nice chez nous – and it will be carb-free. Hmm, what about a chateaubriand....

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Seren said...

I agree with you - going out for Valentines is never a good idea. Aside from anything else, most places do set menus. I hate set menus. Unless they're ten course tasting menus in which case it's ok...

Fingers crossed for your STS - or even a loss...?