Thursday, 16 February 2012


I was very pleased with myself; I devised a cunning, diet-friendly yet delicious Valentines’ Day dinner. We were having lobster mayonnaise, then chateaubriand with celeriac chips, mushrooms and stilton leeks, then strawberries and cream. We bought a very nice bottle of wine. I kept waking up in the night, feeling bleurgh – the way you do when you have a hangover. I woke up with a dreadful hangover. Which is odd as I only had a glass and a half of wine. I felt quite resentful – and light headed, dizzy and sort of swollen. I felt even more resentful when I consulted SoD – ¾ lb on since last week and 1 ¼ lb on since Monday. Admittedly I don’t feel right but the official WI is what gets written down – and so I show a gain for the last 2 weeks. Which is Not Fair. I wish I were made of the sort of characterful stuff that used this to spur me on to a super zealous week but actually it makes me want to collapse into a small, snivelling puddle and eat chocolate.

And we’re with friends this weekend. Although bless her, my friend V emailed and said she imagined I’d be on some sort of diet so what could she cook that caused minimum stress. It turns out she’s carb-free as well at the moment so it should be okay. Fingers crossed.

I read that you need to eat breakfast within an hour of getting up to convince your body that it won't be starved. So I'm actually getting up early to try this in the hope it will make a difference since this whole fat-burning rather than carb-burning approach works on this premise. I am not a natural early morning breakfast eater. In fact, breakfast, unless it is waffles/pancakes, does not fill me with joy. But it does currently fill me with eggs.


Lesley said...

You seem, like me, a bit gloomy today. It sounds like we're both looking for that Magic Wand to whisk all our troubles away.

We CAN get there sans wand, we just have to keep trying and it will happen eventually.

Have a wonderful eggy and carb-free weekend.

Lesley xx

PS. I love the sound of your Valentines dinner.

Seren said...

Your Valentine meal sounds absolutely divine - and I hope you enjoyed despite the hangover (which sounds more like a bug).

As for gains spurring one on - pah. You'd have to be superhuman to feel like that. Most of us just hiss at the scales, sulk, cry a bit and make a cup of tea. And then we keep on keeping on because it is all that we can do.