Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Reasons you know you've put on weight...

1. When you’re afraid to wash your jeans because you know that post-wash, they’ll restrict blood flow around your body.
2. When your bras bite you in the side of your bosom
3. When the skirt that was almost too big to wear 2 years ago is now rather snug
4. When Scales of Doom smirk when you get them out – and then tell you you’ve put on all the weight you have lost to date on WW.

So all is doom and gloom chez Peridot. 9lbs seems a bit steep (given the dysentry and all) and yet I am unsurprised- experience has taught me that I put on a LOT when eating off-piste. Today I am back on the WW wagon and I’m kind of hoping that this week will see a good loss before going back to slow and steady. And I’m hungry. Grrrr.

To put this in context, I am coming up with some alternatively named stone brackets as I am not keen to write down, share or even possibly acknowledge my actual weight:
1. Fattest (where I started LL)
2. Fatter
3. Fat
4. Chubby
5. Voluptuous (Voluptuous.7 is the lowest weight I’ve ever achieved)
6. Curvy
7. Generous
8. Slim
Reader, we need go no further with this since I’m aiming for the lower echelons of Generous - in my wildest dreams! Currently I am Fat.5. Before I went away I was Chubby.10.

It does all seem a bit of an ineffectual process – if I’m lucky, I could lose just over a stone by Christmas and I fear I could then put that on again over Christmas. I fear the net result being – zilch. As I have royally proven over the last 3 weeks. Still, the only real option is to keep going –and going I will, er, go. Wish me luck, comrades of the anti-flabber.


Seren said...

My Scales of Doom do a full-on evil cackle - I reckon you're doing quite well to just get away with a smirk.

Holiday weight gain is an absolute bitch and I nearly always find that most of it falls off fairly quickly so I really hope it disappears for you soon. If it's any comfort, despite walking for miles in the Scottish rain, I managed to bring back seven extra little "friends". And as you say, there is no option but to keep on going on. Or something equally inspiring.


Love Cat said...

Hehe. You never fail to make me laugh.

I'm currently Fatter.5 on my own scale. Le sigh...