Monday, 17 August 2009

Weighty issues

It was a dull weekend. I was on call and this meant NO lie-ins (very traumatic) and being flat-bound from first thing Saturday to Sunday morning. But I have been pretty true to my resolutions about diet. I don't diet so hard at weekends but I ate carefully and frugally. I also did arm weights twice. Of course, that's meant I keep thinking "I wonder if I can get in that [insert skirt/jacket of choice] yet" - er, duh! It is (sadly) going to take a bit longer than that. And that's if I get there at all. My mind leaps ahead and so I'm constantly disappointed by my trudging slow progress. I know it's ridiculous. I wish my life away and yet I can't bear to be me at the moment.

On the other hand, I grudgingly bought a version of a skirt I can't get into in the larger size (on ebay). As cheap as it was, this feels defeatist and I feel a bit ashamed. I am just hoping it may cause sod's law to kick in and my weight to therefore plummit. This state of uncertainty about what I will be able to wear on holiday is causing me some anxiety. Just must head off those feelings leading me food-wards.

Well, this weekend should help. We have what my friend calls a weight -loss summit. It's me, friend with PhD in anti-fatter, who's been overweight and is now slim but can't take her eye off the ball (I'm not the ball by the way, no matter my superficial resemblance!) and super positive friend who's in the process of blasting her pounds away with determination and energy. Yep, that would make me the dunce of the class. But! I am hoping I can learn much from these women and turn their tips and experiences into a positive outcome for me.

This week I was hoping - and dreading - to cycle 4 times. Dreading because I'm not sure I'm physically up to 4 days in a row - which it would have been. Anyway, the marvellous British weather has put pay to that with thunderstorms promised on Thursday. So, 3 cycle rides and a tight grip on calories. I'm hoping for a stellar loss on Friday though.

And I'm hungry and about to cycle nearly 9 miles. Do I eat a 70cal cereal bar which would take me to c1320cals for today or do I grit my teeth and try and ride it out? Literally and figuratively... I may succumb because a) it's not for any reason other than hunger, b) I got the shakes cycling home a couple of weeks ago and it was NOT nice and c) I'm not convinced that a corn on the cob is 148 cals which is what it's currently showing as on my Food Focus plan.

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Mrs said...

Good luck with your weight-loss summit. Please share the learnings! : )

Mrs L