Friday, 6 March 2009

Utterly mental arithmetic

Lesley hasn't posted today and I'm hoping I haven't dragged her down into the Food Focus abyss of despair. It's a great website ( - enter at your peril) - like Weight Loss Resources but free. You put in your current and desired weight, how much you want to lose a week and it tells you how long it takes to get there - and critically, what your daily calorie consumption should be. Mine said 900calories. Well, 906 but frankly you could use that 6 cals just by inhaling as you pass a Millie's Cookies. Just to lose a hardly breakneck 2lbs a week. How depressing is that? I am managing on the Diet Chef 1200 calories a day (sometimes a bit under, occastionally a bit over) but I do get hungry. I could not survive on 900 calories a day without a) being incredibly bad tempered b) eating my own limbs - or those around me and c) fainting in manner of Victorian lady (without the wasp waist).

Of course, being utterly devoid of logic, as I started today at a breakfast briefing where the only food was mini pastries and had 2 (although I am not fond of pastries I was very hungry and hadn't been able to eat first because I had to get up shortly before the crack of dawn) I decided that since I was never going to be able to stick to 900 calories anyway AND I'd had lardy sugar, I may as well continue. So I had a roll (white), a slice of chocolate tray bake birthday cake (mmmm) and 4 Thorntons chocolates (muh, not so great). My inner sugar monster is activated and the day is yet young....

PS Mrs - half a stone away from where I'll fit in most of my clothes, not half a stone away from anything reasonable, let alone slim!


Lesley said...

No despair but not much determination a slump. Need to work my way out of it. Will check out the website but there is NO WAY I'm going anywhere near 900 calories a day....!!

You're defo doing better than me at the mo - I've just had a piggy evening. But it's over now and I have a fre weekend to really concentrate and get my shit together.

Thanks for being here to chat to...your post helped. Sort of like a slap round the face sometimes helps!! LOL

Can't decide whether I'm going to go to the pub or to bed. Pub more sociable option bed smacks a bit of "giving up".....hmmmm

Lesley xx

Mrs said...

900 calories a day? That IS tough!

But then again losing 2lbs a week is still pretty fast, in my eyes.

Are you surviving on 1200 with the chocolate as well??

Are there any foods that make your tablets less or more effective?

Keep going!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx