Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Back on that wagon. A bit battered - despite the almost certain extra padding - and bruised and sore but shakily holding on. I fell off with a bump a week last Friday (6th), for a dinner party (excuse no 1) and stayed firmly on my (large) ass whilst feeling ill and sorry for myself (excuse no 2) until Thursday when I clambered back aboard for a day trip - only to fall back off on Friday (13th - excuse no 3?) with a meal out (planned and not disasterous (unlike the creme egg and bag of haribo fizzy jelly sweets)) on Saturday and a trip to the Country Living Spring Fair on Sunday which involved a nausea-inducing quantity of fudge. So now (almost) 2 days on the straight and narrow; sadder, hungrier and fatter - and a bit resentful. It will pass - all of it. I predict that the slowest to pass will be the fat.

So back on the diet, the food diary and must get back to Beck etc too.

Not back on the treadmill though - I've not been running in all that time. Whilst I was ill I knew that I couldn't run - walking to the tube was effort enough for my jelly-legs. I am better than I was, if not 100%, and should probably be starting thinking about getting back to the dreaded running but I start cycling next month (have booked bike in for service and bought a helmet) and so walked part of my route this morning to get used to it. It took an hour and 10 mins on foot (and that's only the central London bit!) and my thighs still ache (curiously). I'll be trying a different route tomorrow as I don't have all the one way bits sussed at all. I don't think it's entirely an excuse to get out of running - it is a good use of time as I'll be less nervous about cycling a route I know. Bf is getting his bike serviced too so he can do a practice route with me (he's an experienced if lapsed cyclist) by bike, pointing out where I need to position myself for junctions etc and where to avoid potholes and the like. I am trying to survive.

Just to top off my lovely ill experience I got a migraine last night. I was very hungry and managed some dinner before I took to my bed, dosed right up on prescription drugs. I found myself idly considering whether I could eat some extra chocolate as chances were that I'd throw it up again. As it was, I didn't even have the permitted single square as I couldn't manage to get it - let alone eat it - and I didn't throw up so it would have been to no avail. How twisted is that though? I'm sure a 'normal' person wouldn't think like that.


Claire said...

Not a normal person but that sounds familiar thinking to me! Have I told you about my teenage dreams of getting a tapeworm? LOL

Mrs said...

Good luck with the cycling. A helmet is essential, as I found out last year!!

Hope you are feeling better.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

Lesley said...

Ha ha Claire....or my idle fantasies about being able to actually slice chunks of my flesh off (like Shylock's pound of flesh idea)...in a non-painful and non-scarrring way of course!

We're all normal aren't we, it's those effortlessly skinny bints who are weird!!

Keep it up chuck, we can do it!!

Lesley x