Friday, 4 April 2008

Day 45 - durrrrrr

Durrrr is for me. Having been so upset that I'd put on 6lbs, what did I do? Yes, I ate sugar. A Millie's cookie (never actually only bought one before!) and some chocolate from Hotel de Chocolat (not my favourite Extra Light Belgian which I've not been able to get for ages but milk coconut - lovely but still not extra light). I would have liked to have gone much, much more mad so this was restrained for me but still, clearly, idiocy.

So today I am being rigidly anal about it all and am not allowing anything sweet to pass my lips. I have already been sorely tried by someone putting one of those delicious red ball Lindor chocolates on my desk. And my friend V has bought me a yummy looking salad for lunch with new potato salad in (and salmon and leaves) so I'll have to pick the potato out. I haven't caved yet but the day is yet young and Friday usually brings a frenzy of sugar to the bird table. My plan is to adhere rigidly to the diet, see what I weigh on Monday week (14th) and make a decision then.

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