Monday, 26 October 2015

Hungry Hippo

I had decided to just have a good, plain vanilla week this week as a move away from adrenaline fuelled biscuit consumption.  But things weren’t going swimmingly with the daily WIs (as you know) and as my goal currently shows on the Libra app as “N/A”, I thought I’d slip one starve day in.  Reader, that day is today.  Because Monday is so sucky anyway, why ruin another day?  It makes sense to me anyway.

I thought you might be interested to see what a starve day consists of.  You might not be, but I always find what other people eat on a diet fascinating.  Which may say more about my weirdness than anything else I suppose.  I suspect that I’m over the magic 500 calories but truth is, I don’t know and I do not think I could eat less.  As it is I feel very odd indeed.  Admittedly not helped today by being on day 3 of a migraine, only intermittently controlled with strong prescription medication.  So, feast your eyes on this little lot:
·         Cappuccino – normal sized rather than American bucket size
·         2 Alpen light bars to be eaten emphatically not together but at the point at which I feel I might keel over – and with as long a gap between as possible
·         An apple
·         A packet soup thing SW is keen on – a Mug Shot – has pasta bits in.  That’s dinner
·         A low cal jelly if possible

Sometimes I cave and have a second apple or piece of melon.  There’s the odd cup of green tea and usually a Pepsi Max.  I’m not counting those...

Will be interesting to see what Scales of Doom say about this tomorrow. I know any sudden drop (and by drop, I mean a gentle downward hill rather than a plummet.  Alas) will be artificial and it will even out when I return to normal dieting on Tuesday.

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Seren said...

I always find other people's food diaries fascinating too - I spend far too much time scrolling through pictures of baked oats on Instagram.

But I do not know how you manage on that little lot - especially in the throes of a migraine (I always find once the nausea has passed I crave carbohydrates).

Hope that the SoD rewards your Herculean efforts.