Monday, 2 November 2015

Lies, damn lies and statistics

I find both a bit confusing insofar as I lose track of how I’ve done in a calendar week.  But that’s not my gripe, oh no.

Libra predicts – based on my goal weight – when I will reach that weight, going on current progress.  Now, I’m the first to admit – bemoan, bewail – that my losses are paltry, but originally Libra briskly stated that the date to reach my goal weight was “N/A”.  I rolled my eyes, decided it only worked in shorter time parameters, admitted that I too was unsure I’d reach that point, and dismissed the faint sting. 

After a few days however, it clearly felt that it had sufficient data.  2030 was its estimate.  I did that cartoon thing where my eyeballs spring out of my head.  2030?  I guess I probably will still care then – I even accept that I will be on some kind of diet for my whole life, but I’d rather hoped that this would be from a point of being slightly happier with my weight – from a few stone lighter, at any rate. 

A few days on and it came up with September 2017.  Still felt like a life sentence.  I’ve worked really hard this week (read: starve days and well-behaved diet type 1 days (week days) and type 2 days (Saturday and Sunday)) – after seeing a small initial spring back up after the type 1 day, post starve day (only ¾ lb the next day and then ½ lb the following day) and then quite a big jump when we went out for dinner (nearly 3lbs!  I didn’t even eat much!), I’ve been very mindful of getting my stats to a more reasonable place.  Having lost a bit over the weekend (2lbs - a bit of an achievement, I thought) Libra ‘rewards’ me with a new stat of June 2019.  I seem to be going in the wrong direction. 

Overall, last week I lost 1.5lbs.  Unlike my apps, I thought this was okay.  I need to find somewhere to record the weekly WIs – as well as the daily blips – now I’ve cancelled my SW online membership.  I think I only managed one starve day last WI period though – I’ll have done two for the next WI.  I’m going to keep on with the daily WIs to see if I can see a pattern.  It does this ‘trend’ thing which I don’t understand – it’s consistently heavier than I actually weigh – which I am hoping will suddenly make sense.  I’m currently rather heavier than my last WI (1 ¼ lb) and with two days to go until the next one.

Still, today is another (starve) day.  As Scarlett might have said had she not had an 18” waist.

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Seren said...

You must try not to let it drive you too mad. Body chemistry is a very odd thing and all daily weighing can do is indicate a general direction - and I don't think the data is meaningful at all until you've accumulated a decent amount.

Tq for tip re prosciutto crisps on butternut soup by the way, definitely something to try.