Friday, 13 November 2015

Of bags and bag ladies

I had some kinda exciting news last week: I finally dipped below my 2 stone loss (2lbs under, to be precise.  After dieting pretty damn intensively for EIGHT MONTHS).  Yes, well before you crack the champagne and party poppers, I then went to Devon for a week and put on FOUR AND A QUARTER POUNDS.  How is that possible?  I blame the two cream teas - but I swear I was careful otherwise AND we had the most windy, hilly, strenuous hike.  Which involved calf deep mud and recalcitrant horses.  And a LOT of stiles.

Sigh.  But there we go: that is just a happy memory now.  One I need to relive, ideally soon.  Of course, my harsh Libra app now tells me that I’ll achieve goal weight in 2080.  Too right I will, I’ll be a little pile of ash by that point.  Not really the result I’m looking for.  The Happy Scales app is kinder and simply says ‘longer than a year’.  By comparison, that’s kind, I mean.  Would that they did Happy Scales for mere android phones, I’d ditch that Libra: THEN see how you feel huh?  2080 indeed....

It probably won’t come as any surprise that I’m on a starve day today.  Needs must and all that.  Although Friday is a particularly sad day to be ferociously hungry, somehow.  The weekend looks relatively inoffensive since I’m driving P to meet his pal in a pub where I suspect we’ll spend most of Saturday, him on beer and whisky and me on fizzy water (whoo!).  We are however meeting friends for Indian food on Monday to introduce them to the restaurant we’re planning on taking Canadian friends when they’re over next summer (the first set of friends are Brits but living in Canada where access to decent Indian food is almost non-existent.  Hence taking 2nd set of actual Canadians there when they visit London for the first time next year.  I dare say that visit will involve clotted cream too, now I think about it...). 

Whilst it might now be putting cotton (both thread and denim) under intolerable strain, I bought new jeans in Devon.  Not particularly because we were in Devon - I’m not claiming Devon as a denim-Mecca - just because some of the time we spent there involved us being a short walk into Exeter city centre and I had a captive husband to drag out shopping (Reader: he bought me a beautiful dark green, oh-so-soft leather bag for our 3rd (leather) anniversary).  Anyway, when I say ‘new jeans’ I specifically mean a size-down new jeans.  They took a little wiggling to get into the first time but no disproportionate muffining happening and they feel comfortable.  I first wore them on a day we had breakfast, lunch AND dinner out which was possibly not wise.  But hey, I was potentially 4.25lbs lighter then (bitter, me?).  And no pudding!  At all!  In all the times we ate out!  It must be the cream tea.  ANYWAY, they fit and it’s only now that I realise the larger ones had slightly too much material flapping about and needing pulling up all the time.  Husband says they look good, bless him.

He also bought me a coat to be used mainly for walking (this one if you’re interested) – I owe him the money which I can pay in instalments.  This was very nice of him but came with the somewhat unwelcome news that my parka-ish coat which I have been wearing makes me “look like a bag lady”.  Reader: this was not the look I was going for.  He’s now campaigning for me to throw the parka away but I’m dithering.  I need a 2nd opinion.

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