Thursday, 22 October 2015

Unhappy Scale

Sorry for radio silence.  Yes, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon, no, it’s not as simple as that.

I suppose in many respects I have.  Or at least I am being dragged along by the wagon.  First week post hols I lost 1lb.  I was disappointed.  Then work went crazy.  Absolutely insane.  I wasn’t eating properly as I didn’t have time to so much as heat up a carton of soup, let alone run out for a salad.  I didn’t even have time to drink anything (alcoholic or otherwise... although....) during the day, other than a couple of coffees which were brought to us to keep us going.  And biscuits.  Many, many biscuits.  I don’t even much like biscuits but the combination of hunger, adrenaline and long, long days was lethal. 

And I drank more over the weekend than I would normally do, just to decompress a bit (whilst also having some work to do.  Well, not literally while I was drinking I hasten to add). 

I hoped (pause for hollow laughter) that skipping meals would even out biscuit consumption.  Reader: would you be amazed to know that this was groundless hope?  It took no little mental resolve to get on Scales of Doom – and I found I’d put on the lb I’d lost.

Right, I thought to myself, time to stop the vicious circle.  And having downloaded Happy Scale on my ipad (thanks team!) and Libra on my phone (because I have a particularly crappy android phone) I thought I would force myself to do something I really don’t want to.  Something that some of you have confessed addiction to.  I would weigh every day for a week.  A nice, purposefully empty week, devoid of any kind of social engagement.  My rationale was that this would get me back on track.  After all, my overall statistics are dismal and I’d really like to see them improve – even if I see very little difference in my appearance.  At the moment it declines to say when I would reach my goal, only saying something akin to ‘a bloody long time, love’.

Imagine my dismay, dear Reader, when a solitary day into my grimly determined routine, I find that I have put on an additional 1.5lbs.  Yes, welcome to my day.  My scale may be happy but I am not. 


Seren said...

Oh dear - things sound tough and you're just making the best of a bad situation. Daily weighing needs to be taken with a massive pinch of salt - try and disconnect emotionally from the numbers (this is why I switched to kg over stones) and just look at long term patterns. And keep your chin up!


Lesley said...

Hi honeybun. I know JUST how hard it is to keep dieting when work is mental so you have my total sympathy. Hang on through the tough times and do your best to limit the damage then it won't be too bad when you get some life back.

Also, ignore the scales. I weigh daily as you know and went up for 3 days in a row then dropped back down plus an extra half lb on the 4th day. Anything can happen!!

Big hug hon. Lxxx