Wednesday, 7 October 2015

From feast to famine (a quick, incoherent update)

So, I’ve gone from eating gleefully off-piste to a starve day.  What a crashing return to earth.  Whether I’ll make it through the day on starvation rations as well as a mere 3 hours of sleep remains to be seen though.  To be fair, the holiday eating, whilst not frugal, wasn’t too bad – Canadian portions are not like US ones for instance, and it wasn’t a foodie holiday.  But a lot of wine was consumed (yes, by me).  Some strenuous exercise in the mountains (literally, actually) in cold temperatures too.  Nevertheless, I had to steel myself to get on Scales of Doom today.  I thought I’d put on 7lbs, realistically and from previous experience.  I tried to brace myself for going up a scale bracket – although, of course, there is no way to accept this.  As it was I was thrilled that I put on 3lbs.  Yes, I know that’s a lump of chub but it could be SO much worse – and has been in the past.  Of course, it could still be sneaking its way on but I’m hoping that this is the voice of pessimism rather than wisdom.  That’s 1lb a week.  Really not so bad.

But back on the diet I go.  I’m determined to get the 3lbs off and blast trudge through to my 2st loss and then down to another stone bracket.  Hopefully by Christmas.  For the time being, I’m sticking with SW plus 2 days of starve days a week.

Although I’m pretty hacked off with Slimming World.  I really only continue to subscribe so I can see the weight loss chart but when I emailed to find out how to take a holiday from paying, I was told I could not as you can weigh in from anywhere in the world.  Quite apart from taking issue with this, WHO takes their bathroom scales on holiday with them??  And if you went to a class, you wouldn’t expect to pay.  If anyone knows of an app that does the same thing in terms of a graph, table and predictive line, please let me know and I’ll cancel my subscription.

I’m not quite all there (mentally, I mean.  Physically as discussed I’m slightly more there than last time) due to jet lag and not being well, so excuse the dullness of this post.  However, in summary, we LOVED Canada.  We saw bears (grizzlies), coyotes and eagles, trekked on mountains, white water rafted in the cold rain, went up in a sea-plane, cycled a disused railway on top of (another) mountain, went to a craft beer festival with Mounties and did the wineries of the Okanagan.  And that’s just some of the highlights.  It’s so beautiful, so spacious and so friendly: my commute this morning seemed more brutal than usual by comparison.  We barely scratched the surface of British Columbia and are already planning on going back next year.  Who knows, maybe we’ll end up there permanently.  I bought a pair of Canadian cowboy boots (with the blurb: “for the fashion forward cowgirl”) which ought to guarantee my emigration success.  Yeehaw.


Amanda Land said...

Try Happy Scape App. Makes daily weighing less of a mountain range with its average predictor line. X

Amanda Land said...

Happy Scale. Not scape.

Seren said...

Yes, I've used Happy Scale as well and it is pretty good.

3lbs for a 3 week holiday is nothing short of excellent - you should be so proud!

Even that brief paragraph makes the holiday sound amazing. I've never been to Canada, but my parents have gone several times and really loved it. Will have to add it to my to-do list (though New England in the fall is first!!)


Linz M said...

3lbs in 3 weeks is bloody brilliant! I was away for a week and came back 12lbs heavier (although a lot of flight related bloated I am sure, still a blooming shocker!)

I've not done a lot of Canada, but I am keen to see more. Sounds like an amazing trip xx