Friday, 31 July 2015

Bosom buddies

Who knew a t-shirt could be so weighty?  When I removed it, I had lost 2lbs.  Apparently, it weighed 3/4lb so maybe the 2lbs is a bit of a cheat but I could do with a good result to cheer myself up with - so I’m taking it.  Naked supplication to SoD seems to be the weigh way.  Or maybe it’s just that my nakedness terrifies it into submission (which would be understandable).  Either way, it’s my modus operandi from now on.

This means that I’m now 4lbs off having lost 2st since I started this diet 4 months ago.  It’s been slow – far, FAR slower than I would like – but I’m sticking at it whilst the inching downward trend continues.  But I am contemplating combining it with the 5:2 (ie doing both) at least until my holiday.  What do you think?  I saw an ad which says LighterLife do their packs through Superdrug for 5:2 – and if I were to do it, I think not thinking of or preparing food for those 2 days would help me.  It takes the agonising over food out of the equation.  When I did LL (years ago now) there was a very limited range and the bars (which sounded the nicest) were pretty foul, as were the soups, but it looks like things have changed – it would be trial and error I guess as to which ones were palatable.  I could do it Monday and Wednesday and WI on a Thursday.  What do you think?  I’d really like to boost my weight losses to a steady 2-3lbs a week, even just for the next month and a half....

This week has been aided by skipping a couple of meals, being very strict (as ever) and having little in the way of social engagements.  In fact I went to a work leaving do and drank only water – AND shunned the chips provided.  This is positively heroic, I'm sure you'll agree.  Especially as cocktails were on two for one.  

I’ve cautiously gone back to former bras - every now and again.  When I was wearing them a few months ago, they were leaving welts and bruising on my body.  Not to mention discomfort from mid-morning which turned into actual pain by midday.  They left welts so deep that the skin turned blue.  I bought larger bras but now some of them seem a bit baggy (mainly the ones with fuller cups - my cups are NOT runneth over).  Of all the places to lose – well, not inches but probably multiple - millimetres, I’d have chosen my stomach, bum or thighs first.  It’s true that I have a ridiculously comedy bosom but somehow that helps at least distract from the area from the waist downwards (at least, it does for me as I can’t see past them...).  In the same way I have lots of clothes of descending size, I also have lingerie of smaller (well, mostly back size, the cups seem to stay the same) size: at some stage, I decided I was too grotesque to have matching sets so my current bras are coupled with horrid dreary cotton multi packs.  It would be nice to get back to the size where I have matching knickers to go with the bras.  That's a further size down however and I'm not even wholly confident that my smaller-backed ones aren't going to scar me (mentally and physically) all over again.

Fatloss Forecast

I did meet a friend last night.  I was starving but didn’t eat, just had two gin and diet tonics.  But I don’t normally drink in the week so that's syns/calories that are out of the norm.  I’m meeting a friend for dinner on Monday but will choose carefully.  It should be fine – I’ve mitigated against the G&Ts and will have a careful weekend.  I’d like to hit at least the 4lbs off before my birthday at the end of August when there will be abandoned eating for a couple of meals.  I'm keeping that very much at the front of my mind when temptation beckons.

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Stephbospoon said...

I hope you don't mind me saying but I detect a pattern here, a few weeks before an event you decide to restrict even more, and put two plans together or whatever, and then it doesn't work & you get really unhappy before said event, when really you should be looking forward to it. It's a nice thing! Why make it horrible? I think 5:2 is bunkum & basically teaches you disordered eating ( which I really struggle with & wish to God I didn't) so I say don't do it, stick to SW as you've nearly lost 2 stone, that's amazing! Don't sabotage yourself.